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Full Version: Lady GaGa
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[Image: 079oGMe.jpg]
Oh fuck it just go look for this on the OG, horrid.
A hate that creature.
I wouldnt fuck her

True story. Fucking piece of shit.
the inner soul eventually creeps to match the exterior
EY did you fix my pic up? thanks
^ yeah
hep-B IMO.
(07-25-2013 01:56 PM)CTsar Wrote: [ -> ]hep-B IMO.

You would still suck the shit out of her ass you sick fuck.

EY thanks again mate.
I wouldn't even push it back in with my penis wearing 2 condoms.
she's making a comeback.. so this is probably a good way to get people to talk about her again.
Has it been confirmed that the Creature Gaga was born a female?
who is more evil her or Rhianna?

I think Rhianna at least looks hot and has SOME talent.

Then again I hate music so...
Is her music any good?

I'm guessing not.
The Creature Gaga is more evil than Rhianna imo. Rhianna is just a dumb bitch.
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