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Liam Danial Sweeney, 27, smashed a wine glass into the face of his victim and then punched him twice in the head about midnight on April 7, Melbourne Magistrates' Court heard yesterday.

Sweeney, who met the victim earlier that night at their mutual friend's birthday drinks, had been enraged after the man ignored his attempt to shake hands, the prosecutor said.

He then fled the scene, not stopping to help the bleeding man or speak to police, the Herald Sun reports.

Sweeney was convicted after pleading guilty to intentionally causing injury.

The charge carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in jail, but Sweeney instead received an 18-month jail term, wholly suspended for two years, and was fined $5000.

His defence lawyer, Ian Hill QC, asked magistrate Jack Vandersteen that he not send Sweeney to jail, saying his client lives with his parents and jail time would affect his chances of being admitted to practise law.

"I don't think he'd last very long (in jail)," Mr Vandersteen was quoted as saying.

"Not many people are in jail who went to (the private school) Haileybury or who had your client's privileged background."

Mr Hill added: "Or who look like him."


Being white in Australia has never been this easy.
That's disgusting. Exact same thing happened to a friend of mine at the bar one night. Guy just walked up and smashed a beer glass in his face for no apparent reason.

You should get yourself off that island if you're not happy there. You'd probably like Vancouver.
Oh I'm happy, its just that I take the law into my own hands to avoid having to deal with this shit.
I could definitely see that happening the same way in England. Correct me if I'm wrong, but does Australia have any problems that aren't worse by comparison in England?
I think our droughts are worse than theirs
They dont still hunt aborginals in England at least, its a sickening pastime, & its the reason why I dont have respect for Ossies in general (no offense meant to present company)
Well played Sirs. I was speaking more of socio-economic problems and the like.
(07-25-2013 10:37 AM)GMB13 Wrote: [ -> ]Well played Sirs. I was speaking more of socio-economic problems and the like.

haha I think when it comes to PC bullshit England is way worse than us.

England is happy to not jail Pakistani muslim terrorist types

Australia is happy to not jail Anglo-Saxon Christian pedophiles and assualters

If you are a 16 year old vietnamese kid caught with a hag of heroine here youll get jailed for supply

If youre an anglo-saxon kid caught with the same amount here well "You fell int the wrong crowd" and will get off with nothing.
Good that they practice restraint with us purebloods. I'll come down there and fuck some abo kids, that aight?
Be my guest
Aborignial Hunting Still A Legal Sport In Australian Outback

The wilds of the Australian desert or as its referred to by locals “the outback” seems a place civilization has yet to touch.
This is no more evident in the outdated laws the govern this once lawless land. Legislation is still in place that allows the killing of native Aborginals without penalty of prosecution, although the reward for this of “six pence a hide” is perhaps outdated.
Aborginal expert Bruce Woggawogga of Cairns University of Ethnic Studies says “ Strictly speaking hardly anyone actually hunts them anymore, and even if they do they are highly unlikely to make it public by trying to claim a bounty, its usually a matter of accidently or otherwise running them over then dumping the body on the side of the road out of sight.”

I was up north visiting a town in the outback when we decided to stop by a row of shops and gather some supplies. I was about to place a couple of cases of beer in the back of the pickup when a local came flying across the street and pulled out a gun and shot this aboriginal guy who was walking towards me. I lost my shit and screamed at the guy “Why the fuck did you just shot that man”

He replied “What the fuck are you arching up at me mate, youre allowed to shot them, now get those beers back in the cab cause you sure as hell cant trap them”
And they call it a civilized country, that is just so wrong on so many levels, regardless of what you think about them personally or not the Aborginals are people and as such entitled to protection of the law of the land just like anyone else.
Hey I was upset by it too you know?
Happening right in front of you must have been horrifying, I can only imagine & shudder.
Did anyone come to help at all ?
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