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Full Version: New Poll : 83% of Americans Disapprove of Job Congress is Doing
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It's good that everyone disapproves of the job congress is doing. It's not so good that the sentiment is based largely on partisanship. At least people realize that congress is a huge problem. It's a start.

Quote:Congress Sets a New Record for Being Hated

A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal polls finds that in addition to setting new milestones for futility, Congress is also more hated than it's ever been. A full 83 percent of respondents say they disapprove of the job Congress is doing, the highest number for that questions since the poll began. (The last time it was even above 50 percent was in 2002.) You can read the full poll questions and results here.

President Obama is not doing so great either, though by comparison to Capitol Hill he looks fantastic. His approval rating is at 45 percent, just off of his all-time low of 44 that he reached in the midst of the debt ceiling crisis in 2011. With a margin of error at about 3 percent, the nation is basically split down the middle on their opinion of him and the way he's handling the economy.

Another 60 percent feel that the country is "off track," a number that's remained pretty consistent since the financial crisis began, though not as bad as it was in the doldrums of 2008, when things were at their worst.

When asked what we should do about Congress, however, people's answers are less clear. When asked whether they want the next Congress to be controlled by Republicans or Democrats, the answers were split right down the middle at 44 percent for each side. Fifty-seven percent say both that their own representative should step aside and that if they had the option on the ballot to replace every single member of Congress they would do it, another record high for both questions. Yet, when they were given a chance to make some changes in 2012, they basically passed. Just 23 House incumbents and only one Senator were defeated in the last election.

When it comes to the Supreme Court, no one is happy about them either. While on the whole, Americans are fairly split on their opinion of the Court, most liberals believe the court is too conservative, while most conservatives think the exact opposite. Either way, the justices can't win.

Finally, the poll also asked what folks think of Edward Snowden and George Zimmerman, with the majority of people having a negative opinion of both. The number of people who think race relations are "good" or "fairly good" has also dropped — especially among African-Americans — mostly likely due to the fallout of the Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin shooting case.

the people are easily led and duped by the MSM.

why is snowden in the same sentence with zimmerman?

the former is perhaps one of the largest cases in US history.. and the latter is just another murder among 10s of thousands each year.
^yeah that discredits whatever agency that came up with this poll completely.
What would you give for a time frame on America's collapse?
Great analysis, I never looked at it that way, that America has already collapsed and its foreign/domestic policy has made it so we just don't know it yet. How about a guess on the time? I can't seem them waiting more than 25-30 years to pull the plug.
Thank you for the prediction. You've been at this probably 10 times longer than I have, so its good to read a more informed opinion.
Quote:Obama approval rating: New poll reveals huge 5-point drop sets record low


October 31, 2013

The approval rating of President Barack Obama has dropped to a record low. Public frustration with the government in Washington and pessimism about the direction of the nation may be the cause for the huge Obama approval rating drop, according to a new poll from NBC News and the Wall Street Journal publication. President Obama lost five points this month and is at 42 percent approval ratiing, the worst figure since he took office in 2009, revealed the survey, which was released Oct. 31.

The joint research news media NBC News and Wall Street Journal also showed that 51 percent of respondents disapprove of his mandate and claim bad management from the Democratic president, who now faces strong criticism for technical failures on the Healthcare.gov site as well as insurance plans included in the health law.

Regarding that legislation, popularly known as Obamacare, 41 percent of citizens expressed that they had little confidence in its supposed benefits and 47 percent believe it was a bad idea, which is up four points from early October.

While the Obama approval ratings took a significant drop, the poll also revealed that 63 percent of voters want to replace their own members of Congress, the highest peak recorded on this question since 1992. Only 22 percent of those surveyed saw Republican lawmakers in a positive light and 53 percent have negative views about the members of the GOP. Furthermore, 45 percent of Americans prefer a Democratic majority in both houses of congress 41 percent want the opposite.

The survey was applied to 800 people from Oct. 25-28 and it has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.4 percentage points.

On the other hand, the public is divided over whether the problems associated with the Obamacare website are short-term, and can be solved soon, or a long-term problem which could be an indication of more troubling issues to come.

This is the worst Obama approval rating during his stay in office. Only two U.S. presidents had averages lower in the same quarter as Obama: Richard Nixon (during the Watergate investigation) and Lyndon Johnson (for the Vietnam War).

Obama's unpopularity is due to his attempt to seek congressional approval for military action in Syria in late August and early September, and the partial government shutdown on October 1 to raise the national debt limit.
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(07-25-2013 10:49 AM)EvilMaster Wrote: [ -> ]They gotta finish up with the Syria shit. Then toss some nukes into Iran and wipe that out. Then China and Russia are gonna step up, Russia of course will turn on China at the last minute. Then the economy won't matter anymore, it will be world war III and we'll see how it goes. Right around that time, civilian populations will start shooting the cancer numbers through the roof thanks to Monsanto. And the great culling will officially commence.

Maybe as soon as 5 years, 10 on the outside.

I think Russia and China and possibly the rest of the world will jump in before it gets that far.

Fucking idiots have made it way too plain to the rest of the world who the real bad guys are, and they're not in the middle east. That's just who has to trade on greenbacks so America doesn't fail. More and more that's becoming common knowledge all the way around the rest of the planet.

Russians or Chinese might turn on each other, but not before America's crushed. Too risky otherwise.
(07-25-2013 08:29 AM)CTsar Wrote: [ -> ]^yeah that discredits whatever agency that came up with this poll completely.

Not any more than the entire MSM discredited itself by basically making it the story of the year.

Anyway, this is great news. Further disintegration in confidence in the system can only be good news.
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