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Full Version: Feminist Nazis Complain About Royal Baby Attack On Feminism
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Unless that child has a deformed brain, he will behave like a male. End of story!

This is about as stupid as complaining that the statement "omg, my newborn baby has two beautiful arms!" is offensive because 0.02% of babies are born with congenital limb deficiency.

They were going to light up the CN Tower blue if it was a boy, and pink if its a girl. I found out cuz some of my libtard and feminist friends on FB went off on it. I can't believe one can get so upset over something like this. Rolleyes
I hope the baby develops autism.
The reason men make better leaders is because they simply don't give a crap about stuff like what gender the 'royal baby' is.
Holy shit, these people are beyond sick.

no comment.
Yeah, because there's never been female heads of state in British history or they've somehow been more benevolent than their male counterparts.
Also to the comments re: a trans gendered baby:

No, the royals - and other elites - don't actually partake in diversity - that's reserved for the peasantry.

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That Sharon chick said that she was joking.

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Lol @ the comment from the dude who mutilated his penis.
(07-25-2013 11:29 AM)GMB13 Wrote: [ -> ]Lol @ the comment from the dude who mutilated his penis.

Yeah, and wtf with it's name? Bethrehel, lol
This is just fucking sick, these bull dykes hating on a new born baby because of something he had no choice in?

I hope they all die of cancer the cunts
LOL @ these pathetic gender-benders. They should be burned for trying to im[ose their views. Why are they protected?
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