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Full Version: One on One conventional war Between: Japan and North Korea
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Who takes it and why?

I have no clue about this so Im all ears.
Lot of folk mock glorious leader, but way I figure anyone who is that good at golf has to be some kind of military genius
N Korea via no American bases I would guess.
Japan has the 3rd largest economy in the world. They would crush nk.
Japan easily.

they can go nuclear in 2 weeks.
NK is the NWO designated boogeyman to keep northeast Asia tense.

paper tiger extraordinaire
Good analysis EM.

Japan also funds NK through pachinko parlor profits.

From the horse's own mouth. Maruhan's owner admitting it.

start at around 1:00

the world is not stranger than you imagine, it's stranger than you CAN imagine.
(07-24-2013 08:26 AM)EvilMaster Wrote: [ -> ]North Korea is the way it is, because America wants it that way. Nice and desolate, lots of open space, a fully impoverished civilian population and a puppet dictator to ensure it stays that way. When the time comes, American bases will be all over North Korea. The deep water ports will be under American military control. It is a strategic military asset of America, to be utilized against China.

That little fucken great leader f*ggot, gets bazillions of dollars a year from the states, which he uses for personal use. He's a fucken playboy tin pot dictator with his own army of sex slaves. Every now and then, he puts on a mean face and makes threats into a camera, and American military media spreads it all over and the sheep give the military a blank check to keep them safe.

North Korea, will be the main American military staging point for the ground war in China.

pretty much my thoughts exactly, I have a sort of friend who is North Korean/Chinese and he agrees.
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