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Full Version: Rapper tries to educate Vice mag denier about Bilderberg Group
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Quote:Vice:Tell me about your company.
The Bilderberg Group, that’s my company. I’m just starting it from the ground up, and I’m just trying to build an empire. Hopefully one day the Bildergerg Group will be as big as the real Bilderberg Group.

Wait. You think the Bildergerg Group is real?
Yes. All you can do is inform yourself, because you can’t do nothing about it. I don’t think no man should have that much control, but it is what it is. It’s a grim reality. Embrace it, and inform people of what’s going on. That’s the only thing you can do.


Quote:Wait. You think the Bildergerg Group is real?

The Vice Interviewer Drew Millard:

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Quote:What does the Bilderberg Group control, exactly?
They control everything. Everything. From wars to weather, everything. It gets real deep, man. That’s one of those things I try to fill my head with knowledge about. Who are the puppetmasters? You stumble on one thing, you stumble on another thing, and you just open up a can of worms. You try to tell everybody, but they’re looking at you like, “What?”

Do you think any rappers are in the Bilderberg Group? Rick Ross has that line where he’s like, “I’m gettin’ money, must be Illuminati.”
Bilderberg Group is nothing like that. You wouldn’t find any celebrities in that.
who is this guy? don't recognize the photo
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(07-23-2013 05:05 AM)Daglord Wrote: [ -> ]who is this guy? don't recognize the photo

Gunplay from Rick Ross's label, he's actually a pretty damn cool guy.
There is hope for hiphop
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