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Full Version: Maiquel Falcao pulling race card now
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this is ridiculous. Falcao took a huge beating a week ago after harassing a woman at a gas station in Brazil. He got out of hospital and is now claiming the girl threw racial slurs at him.

Maybe she did

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"Gracias um braco"
did you watch the video? whether she did or didn't is irrelevant.
Race card is of far less value and significance in Brazil.

He's reaching to try to rationalize.
you would be surprised Mega, affirmative action is becoming common place in Brazil.
Quote:Affirmative action policies can take a person’s race into account, the Brazilian Supreme Court unanimously ruled on April 26, 2012. The Court found the use of racial quotas constitutional, allowing both public and private higher educational institutions to reserve a certain percentage of slots for undergraduate students, most of them, coming from public secondary schools.

they don't fuck around in brazil. no mercy.

in China once you're down on the ground.. they pretty much stop.
Wow. Affirmative action in Brazil?

I'll be damned. not the Brazil of yore, that's for sure.
(07-18-2013 09:38 AM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]they don't fuck around in brazil. no mercy.

in China once you're down on the ground.. they pretty much stop.

i saw another vid from brazil where they literally did flying head stomps on this kid repeatedly. it was so bad the kid was like convulsing from the damage.

Brazil is the definition of a mixed-race and multi-cultural society.. yet it boasts some of the highest crime rates in the world.

60K murders a year IIRC.
I think I saw that years ago, it took place on a subway station. This kid was down with both arms up John Matua style, and guys kept stomping his head. It all started because he came onto someone's girl at a club. It's amazing how many deadly fights there get started because of women.
yeah. sometimes the girls encourage it too because they like the attention.

but ultimately the blame should be laid on men.. super insecure. Men are so easily moved by matters relating to women it's not even funny.
brazilian men are especially insecure, just can't get over themselves.
it was in the mall i thought.

that kid died btw.
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