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Full Version: Chuck e cheese brawl
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LOL. Discuss.

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I hope their children all learned a valuable lesson there.

I don't get this animalistic primitive mind that reacts, gets violent and pursues retaliation. She's holding that baby wrong anyway
the blacks continue to paint themselves into a corner as their inexcusable public debaunchery is displayed on a daily basis for the world to see. There's simply no more denial.
Chucker Cheese has become a war zone, all over the US.
Did she really just leave the baby there lol

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the best are the left hooks with the baby in the other arm.
There is a proper way to hold an infant while striking and kicking, that ain't it Tis all I'm sayin yo
Honestly, the whole world laughs at them and they could give a fuck.

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There are tons of videos like this on YouTube and worldstarhiphop.com. At this point white liberals are without excuse for believing in the "woe is me" Steppin fetchit narrative. Hell I've even seen it myself!

Anyone who believes that this sort of crude, degenerate behavior represents only "a tiny minority of American blacks" is a sheltered retard imo. My experiences may not necessarily be representative, but statistics don't lie. Step out of your gated community, stop listening to lectures by Tim Wise, and take that Jewish kosher roll out of your mouths, you white liberals make me absolutely sick with your pathological ignorance.

I want somebody to show me ONE examples of any Asians, Hispanics, or even white frat boys behaving like this anywhere in public. Now that everybody carries pocket camcorders (smartphones) with them at all times, you liberals are completely without excuse. Show me just ONE example. Who is the Ray Ray or Laquifa of the Chinese or Arab American community?

Oh no? Can't do it? Then stop making excuses for sick behavior so that the black community can repair some of the damage that you have inflicted on them within the past 60 years.


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degenerate behavior. I guess Chuck E Cheese isn't that safe anymore.

i used to go as a kid.
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