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Full Version: White Countries Dominate Cancer frequency stats. WHY?
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Quote:1 Denmark 326.1
2 Ireland 317.0
3 Australia 314.1
4 New Zealand 309.2
5 Belgium 306.8
6 France (metropolitan) 300.4
7 United States of America 300.2
8 Norway 299.1
9 Canada 296.6
10 Czech Republic 295.0
11 Israel 288.3
12 The Netherlands 286.8
13 Luxembourg 284.0
14 Hungary 282.9
15 Iceland 282.2
16 Germany 282.1


what is the explanation for this?

better diagnosis? does that explain the full picture?

i am seriously curious about this.
Top four is easy to determine, skin cancers, melanomia, from being at the furthrest ends of the world where ozone layer is most shallow & has holes at certain times of year, any one living there will be prone to it, its purely geographical rather than racial.
Because they can actually diagnose shit.

Brown and black countries not so much.
Oh and they live long enough to get cancer, I think over 70's have the highest cancer rates.

You think anyone in Fiji lives till 70? that would be way too much of a hassle
I assume a lot of it has to do with being able to diagnose cancer right?

People getting sick and dying is everyday shit in a lot countries.
Donged by Johnson is making some cogent points.

however, I am wondering if there are other factors at work.
I have no professional opinion but it seems that cancer vs. toxic treatments can almost be a lose/lose. Those treatments can be the suck and have many long and late term effects.......immediate and long term effects: terrible nausea, fatigue, lung damage, hypothyroidism, heart-disease........long and late term effects: digestive issues, heart-problem, secondary cancers.......(I am sure I left out much but it gives the idea)
(07-16-2013 02:34 PM)DONGED BY JOHNSON Wrote: [ -> ]Because they can actually diagnose shit.

Brown and black countries not so much.

KACHING! Big regions of Thailand are still prone to blame ghosts. I shudder to think about Kongo.
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