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Public relations representative for Asiana Airlines, Ki Won Suh, said that the Asiana Airlines is already thinking of suing Oakland TV station KTVU and National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) for irresponsible reporting naming its pilots Captain SUM TING WONG, WI TU LO, HO LEE FUK and BANG DING OW, NBC News reports.
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The wreckage of Asiana Airlines Flight 214 that crashed at San Francisco International Airport (Reuters)

These names were obviously pun made to Asian-stereotyping spellings of phrases like "Something Wrong", "We are Too Low" and "Holy F_ _ _k."

KTVU had made the racially offensive report following a confirmation from NTSB. The incident happened in the wake of an Aisiana Airlines flight which crash landed last week in San Francisco.

In its defense, NTSB explained that the erroneous names were confirmed by an intern of the network.

In an interview with Reuters, Kelly Nantel, a spokeswoman for NTSB, said that the intern was a student volunteer who was tasked to answer phone calls BUT was clearly instructed to pass any media queries on to authorized media representatives.

wouldn't be surprised if this was done internally by certain pranksters as a gag.

Asiana should take the high road and condemn it but not pursue legal action.

if these were jokes about blacks and ebonics they would receive round the clock coverage and condemnation.
Yeah I agree that should never have been said.

I got to remember my son looks as fuck so I will probably have to engage in fisticuffs with some redneck dad over this when he starts playing Rugby.

I cant wait TBH, "Fuck you calling you blue eyed cunt?"
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