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Full Version: Jackie Chan Porn From 1975
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(02-13-2014 02:58 PM)Som-Pong Wrote: [ -> ]Says a lot about the world. 333

Amazing thread!
In the defense of our Asian Sensations it really does seem as though spring rolls are trending!
(01-11-2014 07:24 PM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]generally every thread has 10-15 views for every post.

so this thread should have 200-300 views.

however it has 27K!

Another 20k in the past 2 months lol
in google analytics this is categorized as the top thread ..

which is not true.

it would be sad if this was the top thread.
Syria is the top thread overall, but this is the most popular thread among lurkers lol
This thread is becoming more popular with 20k hits in 2 months compared to 27k the 5 months before it.

This actually shows the increased popularity of the site, as we shoot higher and higher on the results page for google and other search engines.
the site is increasing in popularity. there is no doubt about this.

just keep adding quality original content!
[Image: misc-jackie-chan.svg]
[Image: Jackie+Chan+Gillian+Chung+Press+Conferen...zfG8Pl.jpg]

(11-24-2013 11:48 PM)GMB13 Wrote: [ -> ]Holy shit at those views haha! Why are so many people searching for Jackie Chan porn?
In a Chinese accent: "Where's that Jackie Chan pawn?!"???!!!!
(03-15-2014 04:31 PM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]in google analytics this is categorized as the top thread ..

which is not true.

it would be sad if this was the top thread.

I am become death, destroyer of worlds.

How does it feel huh?
Welcome lurkers looking for Jackie Chan's Peen to EVILYOSHIDA.COM!!! We are a non-subverted reality and off topic discussion board.

If you join we have the ENTIRE unedited clip of Jackie Chan from 1975 in our NSFW section along with many other amazing topics in our FreeThinkers academy and Pride Never Die sub forums.

everyone will be approved. as no activation email will be sent, please check back to see if you have been activated

ALSO, we manually activate due to spambots and it takes at most 1-2 days. If you are not activated, sign up again with a more obvious, relevant name.

Drop in this thread and say hello. everyone is welcome, even anti-CT folks.



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That was pretty spicy.

I wonder if he went Snake or Monkey style on her.
holy shit at the views
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