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Full Version: Jackie Chan Porn From 1975
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(07-12-2013 04:15 PM)DONG JOHNSON Wrote: [ -> ]there's nothing stereotypical about me.

You suck at math too?

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Pffft, you're all just flaws in my armor! Gotdamn Chiuchows.

'All In The Family' is a rather poor choice of title for a porn movie unless it was about incest, I hope that something was lost in the translation.
^ I thought it was about incest.
Fucking lol. Just saw the viewcount. Looks like people are into spring rolls after all!
LOL @ this thread's view count to post ratio. 27k + views. Amazing.
referenced by "fucking facts" on facebook. that's why

This thread is "thick, juicy korean legs" on TRT.
generally every thread has 10-15 views for every post.

so this thread should have 200-300 views.

however it has 27K!
What happened to MightMakesRight?
he posted a couple of months back I think.

he'll be back I think.

everyone comes back after taking a break.
Bulbous views.
8k views in the past month.
Says a lot about the world. 333
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