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Full Version: Counter Subversive Techniques to use against Faux Liberals
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every time they say "chinese food is the best" call them a racist.

or "Asians are smart"

"asian women are the most beautiful" call them a racist for this.

Say "Why are you generalizing a whole group based on a few observations? Are all asian women beautiful? I think you need to be more racially sensitive"'

Logically.. people who make these statements are generalizing or stereotyping.. just in a positive way. However, they do not believe in the opposite even though it uses the same reasoning and logic.

so my main point is that.. the same logic that is used to call "right wingers" racist can be applied to them as well.

When they make "positive" comments about ANY group.. they are engaging in racist talk using their own logic.
Next time I hear someone say Thai women are hot I'll crack his skull.
Thai women are hot.
(07-11-2013 05:20 PM)Som-Pong Wrote: [ -> ]Next time I hear someone say Thai women are hot I'll crack open his asshole

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It's so offensive to other races, saying they're less beautiful! Talking about beautiful girls is ridiculous too because everyone is born beautiful, and just as beautiful as everyone, but if there were ugly girls it would be offensive to talk about the beautiful ones, reminding them that they are perceived as lesser women when they can have personalities equal or superior to the good looking ones.

i just want consistency.
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