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Full Version: The Day Japanese Pro Wrestling Humbled Shootfighting
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Do you remember where you were.

Vale cut his mullet before that fight and the shorter hair definitely wasn't working for him, not that very much else was working for him that night either for that matter. The Vale vs Dan Severn fight is one I have never been able to track down, I'm not even sure a recording of it exists although I have heard from a couple of people it does, or at least it did at one time. Severn vs Vale is one fight I might come out of retirement as a fan to watch were I lucky enough to find it somewhere.

On the other hand, I can understand someone not wanting to share something as rare as Dan Severn vs Bart vale.
LOL, Bart Vale was no more real than the Pro-Wrestlers. In Japan there was a very fine line between some of the Pro-Wrestling orgs and the so-called "real" organisations such as Shootfighting.

Bear in mind that Shootfighting is also where Ken Shamrock cut his teeth, and I do have to question the legitimacy of some of his fights in that league as well.

Anyone remember the Japanese UWFI org? That shit was completely scripted but it looked real.

^^Oh yes, I remember it. I think that was the organization where Bart Vale 'knocked out' Ken Shamrock. Vale sold that as a legit fight for a long time, and John Peretti even touted it in his cageside commentary in the EF bout I posted here. Shamrock never stopped being a carny, even in UFC. The most obvious one in my mind was when he seemingly slipped on a banana peel vs Rich Franklin. He later expresses his anger that Dana wouldn't book one more big fight for him after he 'put over' Rich Franklin. Smile

I was there hanging out with Murakami Big Grin

Bart Vale was no joke though, Big Fellow!

.....and Murakami is a Judoka and a natural scrapper!
if I remember correctlly, I think there were two small Brazilians fighting each-other that put on a good show and I was impressed with them....don't think their match was shown on the Pay-Per-View?
Takada Dojo is close to GF's Family Condo and Building/Business

Musashi-Koyma/Togoshi-Ginza area

....she never even went clubbing at Roppongi or other such places...a real Togoshi-Ginza Gal LOL....home by last train kind of girl.....OLD values family, very respectable
....another thing I remember from that day....I saw Oleg Taktarov there! It's usually the case someone will say "he was smaller than I thought"(or something like that) and I remember thinking about Oleg "He's Bigger than I thought"....his forearms really caught my attention, a very solid built guy, not Gym Muscle, but looked seriously STRONG and BIG

like Mark Coleman looked BIG on screen and I didn't get that impression with seeing Oleg on screen but in person he gave a BIG STRONG Impression, not a 6-months training strong, but more like a "worked on a farm growing up" strong....maybe it was Judo-Gi developed strength...all that grabbing and pulling with the Judo Gi.....
Hey. Cool Karasu.

When I asked "do you remember where you were" I didn't expect to hear from anyone here who was actually there... Smile

*if memory serves I think I was at Kiniski's Reef in Point Roberts Washington that night...
Vale basically gassed out.

The japanese guy had WEAK PUNCHES

it was much noiser up at RingSide...like two Large Rhinos going at it. A lot of POWER being exchanged in that ring. That Lock Bart Vale secured had Murakami in some real trouble but he powered out with a REAL SCRAPPER'S HEART! Those punches sure didn't seem WEAK from a CloseUp Vantage point and were as powerful as one would imagine them to be from two Large Men trained in MartialArts/CombatSports

As it was the Early Days, the more Athletic Training Influence like Endurance, Timing, Movment, Strategy and so on had not become as yet so developed. It was more like a STREET FIGHT where it was a Quick and Chaotic Affair of Equal Parts Technique and Action. In some ways that made it equally as exciting as the impresssive Athleticism we observed displayed in the later Evolution of the Sport.
.....and note, I am 5'5" and probably 125lbs at that time, those Big Fellows seemed like GIANTS to me Big Grin
Kazanari would go on to have a solid career as a Japanese 'opponent' in many crushed can matches in PRIDE and around the Japanese mma circuit.

*I was never really sure whether to call him Murukami Kazanari or Kazanari Murakami...

**however I was sure it was Fedor Emilianenko the first time Stephen Quadros referred to him as Emelinanenko Fedor Smile
the bigger japanese always had very weak punches

Ogawa, Kazuhiro Nakamura, Musashi etc.

Yoshida had some strong punches but he was relatively uncoordinated on the feet. Very stiff and lumbering.

Yoshida had very strong grip strength though
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