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he's certified under Dan Inosanto, so he is part of the BL lineage.

also it is true that street fighting is world's apart from the controlled conditions of MMA, but still correlated
The reason why I ask is they're currently running ads about a former cia operative who'se extolling a self defense that can be learned by anyone without putting in years of karate and kung fu (which they claimis useless in a real fight). Well the ads are slick BUT remind of the ads you see in the old comic books that sold self defense systems that were learnable in minutes or days it of course were worth a pretty penny, but reasonable extolling the virtues on how to defend yourself, your family and your honor?.?!!!
He's the real deal, I have trained with Filipino Gurus that worked closely with Vunak and they all said that he knew his stuff and was very effective at applying it.

His biggest problem was his addictive personality (or inner demons?), which saw him using cocaine and other recreational drugs very heavily for many years.

Apparently he was still a very high level Martial Artist despite of it.
I wonder if most Martial Arts Masters were more like Sokaku Takeda roughnecks than Saintly Miyagi tpes which are romanticized in media?

It's like how the best boxers in the west were generally roughnecks

So Vunak's hard living and drug habit may actually be indicative of Martial capability as such scoundrels are not afraid to throw down and may in fact enjoy the recreational rough&tumble which the average civilized gentleman finds rather frightening to his civilized sensibilities
one of my NeiJiaChuan teachers, an Oriental Fellow, was very impressive in his physical skill and martial expression of NeiJiaChuan.

He also had a drug habit and tended towards Negative Vibration. I was happy to be able to enjoy the opportunity to witness the example of what real NeiJiaChuan can be, but could not endure training with him for too long a time......as example, the last time I trained with him he showed up feeling good from the drug....then as the drug effect began to wear off he became negative, dark, depressed, so not really conducive to generating a transmission of knowledge
Full intructional in 8 1/4 minutes???!!!


really weird videos, huge boxing gloves and motor cycle helmets

he most definitely knew how to fight

esp. in bars the JKD/wing chun stuff is pretty effective.
More vunak instructional???!!!


Early vunak instructional???!!#

This guy must have years of that stuff???!#


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