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Full Version: Native American Reading..Plugged into the MATRIX and Enslaved Society
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the Native American Indian is one of Modern Man's closest links to the FREE-Living Past and so provides an easy to understand source of Facts and Data giving insight into how Society becomes Plugged into the MATRIX and the peasantry becomes enSLAVED creating a society/system of TrickleUps where only a Fortunate FEW really live the Good Life while MOST suffer lives of quiet desperation and fatigue

on this thread I will share some of the books which give insight into my theory if read from the perspective of what I have observed(I know I have mentioned these books before but I wished to create this thread and share them again to generate what could be an interesting discussion)
this first book is an easy entertaining fun read which dispels the myth of the "violent savage" and instead gives insight into a simple living peaceful peoples which enjoyed a good and FREE living experience. Also those which are familiar(or use your imagination of any Metropolis) will also find there is a good deal to contemplate in how such a short time such a "concrete jungle matrix" can rise from pristine nature which needs no "water treatment" for living:

[Image: 1015330._UY475_SS475_.jpg]
another easy and entertaining read which when read with the perspective I have observed, gives insight into the clever cultural destruction, loss of freedom, and plugging into the MATRIX system. It takes place when these things were occurring:

[Image: 9780486220154.OL.0.m.jpg]
this next read begins rather intellectually dry and boring but picks up after a couple of chapters or few where the "Lazy Native American Indian" Gentleman of Leisure commentary beginsBig Grin

[Image: 2065979.jpg]
In "The European and the Indian" book there is commentary discussing the Clash of Cultures taking place at that time with each trying to convert the other which would determine the Future Culture of the New World and how most Native Peoples taken to be brought up in the European fashion would almost ALWAYS return to the Native Way of Living when given the chance

.....and the opposite also being true where Europeans which were taken or "went Native" would almost ALWAYS return to that manner of living and choosing to live out their lives with the FREE Living Lazy Native American peoples Gentlemen of Leisure Tongue
a significant problem of the European Assimilation Program was that the Euros wished to Convert the "Savages" to their Ideology while never really accepting them as compared to the Native Peoples which Completely Adopted and Assimilated the THOUSANDS of people they brought into their FAMILY

one of my own ancestors was such a man which was an Irish fellow taken as a slave by the Native American Peoples which simply lead to his adoption into the tribe, marrying a Native woman and choosing to live the rest of his life in their manner

his offspring producing a lineage of Native Chiefs as well
I would like to give some social commentary on the Native American association with "gambling"

it was their social recreation, not much different then 80s youth playing cards or monopoly during those long summer days where one day you may lose all your monopoly money and then next day win it all back

it was a culture of EQUAL SHARING and was in fact a sign of Great Prestige to give away all one's belongings which would not result in doing without because some other fellow is going to do the same and all would be shared

another sign of Great Prestige is when the Hunters would share the BEST parts of their toil with those most in need

this is all very opposite of the GREEDY TrickleUps System which became the Dominate Ideology of the Modern World
these days our "Chiefs" party in DAVOS while the peasants beg the WELL PAID doctors for stress, depression, anxiety meds to get them through the day and hope they don't suffer some misfortune resulting in Medical or Divorce BANKRUPTCY and resulting poverty and destitution
if I were a young lad of good health I would endeavor to learn all I could about LOW-Tech Living which I believe is a Key to Reclaiming one's FREEDOM and allowing him to live most anywhere.

Begin with the BoyScouts. Go Spend some Summers among the Amish. Spend a Summer Living on a SailBoat. Learn BushCraft, Hunting, Fishing, and Horsemanship.

of course learn what is useful of the Modern World too....Personal Finance/Investing, and Computer Literacy.
Quote:creating a society/system of TrickleUps where only a Fortunate FEW really live the Good Life while MOST suffer lives of quiet desperation and fatigue

This seems like over the top rhetoric. My experience is that most people live their lives as best they can. It's about being comfortable in yourself, your accomplishments and your relationship to God. I don't know anyone living in quiet desperation and fatigue.
^I'm not so sure it's such an outlandish claim and if we observe the socio/political division it may well represent the FAILURE of the Modern system as observed in the ANGER and UNHAPPINESS manifested in all the redirected aggression
Depends on which tribe you look at. The Sioux were warlike, for example. Some tribes hunted buffalo to extinction. On the flip side some tribes were quite peaceful.
good thread

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(01-14-2022 05:47 PM)Count Iblis Wrote: [ -> ]Depends on which tribe you look at. The Sioux were warlike, for example. Some tribes hunted buffalo to extinction. On the flip side some tribes were quite peaceful.

The over hunting of buffalo/bison was mostly done by US settlers under encouragement of the US Government. They knew that getting rid of the bison would get rid of the indians.

[Image: buffalo-slaughter.jpg]
This mountain of skulls piled up in the Midwest in the mid-1870s captures the extent of the buffalo slaughter carried out by American settlers. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons
(01-14-2022 06:20 PM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]good thread

and we all RED on the INSIDE Big Grin
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