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Full Version: The Devil's Favorite Demon Talks Libertarianism
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Libertarianism only works in a society with strong moral values, where the average man is high in conscientiousness and demonstrates great executive function. Everywhere else, it contributes to a Mad-Max style society where people are constantly trying to rip each other off. Just imagine libertarianism in mainland china. BARF.

"Self-correcting mechanism of the free market" my ass. Thomas Hobbes talked about this centuries ago. There is a difference between conservatism and libertarianism.

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I'd do great in a libertarian country.
HA has the right idea.

Libertarianism is a great ideal, but it only works in strongly moral countries. It could work with a Christian backdrop.

In the current state of the west.. libertarianism would drive the countries further into the ground. imagine even LESS regulation of the banksters and the swindlers!

a truly free for all would favor the big guns.. the guys with the money and gold.
Quote:Americans are taught in public schools that we live in a free market.

How can this be true if the most important commodity in a free market, money, is centrally controlled?"

- Kane

I mean it's a double edged sword. Central Banks create the growth.. i mean they've enabled faster growth, but at the cost of money integrity and endless inflationary pressure.

with a gold backed system, growth would be slower which might be a good thing. people would be encouraged to save as the money retains its value.

there is nothing inherently wrong with a central bank if its publicly controlled.

the US has a semi-private scheme which creates a lot of conflict of interest.
Money OUGHT to be centrally controlled. There is not a single advanced society in the history of our species that works any other way. (Unless, of course, you wanna talk about primitive savages who barter human meat for coconut shells.)

Imagine if the value of the US dollar were not consistent from one part of town to another, if every single state had the right to print its own currency, or if the value of currency were dependent entirely upon the whims of the market. Modern commerce would be virtually impossible, we would revert back to a primitive stone age culture within weeks.

Centralization of currency is not the problem here. The problem is that the US elites who manipulate the currency do not act in the best interest of the American people. And you can't fix that, the problem runs much deeper than big government.

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yeah. this anarcho-libertarianism sounds really good but it's actually dangerous.

it wouldn't work.

some aspects of libertarianism should be implemented though
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