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Full Version: America's Water Supply Is Fracked... WOW.
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Seriously, going down the drain on all fronts.

Check out this video. Lady lights her tap water on fire.

Letterman talks about it in a serious manner and all the audience can do is laugh like retards. The water has already fucked up their brains.

fixed it for you. that is insane.
I've been saying for a while, water will be the oil of the future, its what wars will be fought over, water supply, China has a severe shortage, the gigantic dams have exacerbated this, the USA has a severe problem even disregarding this fracking contamination in that the underwater reservoir that irrigates much of the productive land is running low & is not being replaced, it would take hundreds of years to get it back up to sustainable levels ..USA will have a water shortage soon enough, China too.

You think these two superpowers are just going to sit back and let that happen ?
No they will get their water, from elsewhere, one way or another.
yeah but desalinization techniques will only get better every year. Transportation will become more efficient as well.

the entire earth is blue.. all the blue areas = water

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ28HB6I90qSuNps09Mwo7...COTxLliM-Q]
There will never be a shortage.

Tech is too good. Lockheed just developed a graphene filter that could be installed in every house for cheap.

[Image: graphene-drinking-straw.jpg]
The greenhouse gases global climate change whatever you call it, is not man made to any signficant extent, its nearly all to do with water vaper in the air from the oceans, you mess with the oceans thats when you get trouble, the fact that such a massive proportion of the ocean is fished out, the circle of life is broken, the algae will continue to grow, the heat will increase that growth, not enough fish to eat the algae, krill & the like, the oceans are not the answer, they are merely the last gasp of a dying Gaia.
^ good point. But i wonder if humans will use enough to make an impact.

But I do agree that we need to conserve both water and move away from OIL.
The fact is there IS a shortage, no two ways about it, we can talk of what the future may hold, but right now its not sustaining, the US is about to hit a massive reduction in food production as there available ground water supply is run literally to the ground & used up.
Water is the new oil, it gives life & it takes it away, the rate of increase in deserts is expodential world wide, for all the good work that a Bill Mollison or Geoff Lawton do for govts worldwide they are not stopping the inevitable tide
(07-04-2013 07:30 AM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]^ good point. But i wonder if humans will use enough to make an impact.

But I do agree that we need to conserve both water and move away from OIL.

What the video proves is that fracking while a temporary solution to the oil issue is only that a temporary one, what the answer is I do not know, but its not wind or solar, thats been proven unless on a indivdual household basis, even then its no where near economical on a wide spread basis.
Solar is viable but there is little govt. support. obviously it cannot be a replacement but it can take some ease off of the use of fossil fuel. solar is very cheap now.. around grid parity with standard electricity.
Solar is subsidized so much to make it so, we must compare like with like, take out subsidies and its still uneconomic at this point of time, that may change with technology, espcially such things as 3D printing of solar cells for personal use & the like.
When we talk of "water" we must look at clean potential and there really is little. Desalination is expensive and not an alternative to a fresh supply.

Calo dropping some serious knowledge here.
Water is becoming "the spice"
yes but look at the graphene filters.

Desalinization gets cheaper every year.

China has engaged in large scale desalinization projects.

if the US can spend trillions a year freeing Arabs in the middle east as charity.. they can spend billions on desalinization.

i'm not arguing there is a shortage of freshwater supplies.. i'm just saying that desalinization is only going to get better.. and also cheap graphene filters could be a gamechanger.
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