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Full Version: A decent Jordan Maxwell interview
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jordan in top form

Kooky but amusing J Maxwell interview.

Its interesting that nearly all those videos have now been removed due to a "copyright claim by Jordan Maxwell".

These guys are all so anti the system, until they can use the system to serve themselves.
supposedly Jordan doesn't own the copyright to his own stuff at this point.

i doubt he personally cares about his stuff being on the net.
Yeah, good luck to the people who do own the rights thinking they will somehow sell more videos if people can't watch them on youtube.

I still don't buy the vatican theories even though I no longer think the vatican is a potent force against the NWO.

they can never supply proof of anything.
Poor Jordan.
I think what he is scared of is his poor health..
Tsarion is a huge ,almost fanatical supporter of Jordan which is interesting.
Tsarion is like Maxwell on steroids.

Tsarion is more rigorous for sure , but Jordan has more charisma.

i'm finding Tsarion more interesting. I think Tsarion is like 40% BS, but his 60% reality is very interesting.

new interview, actually pretty decent.. he bses a lot but he still has a lot of interesting insights:

great new interview by J Maxwell.. he's getting more truthful in his older years

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