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Full Version: The Occult Left-handed path + info about left handers. interesting L@@K
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Quote:The terms Left-Hand Path and Right-Hand Path refer to a dichotomy between two opposing philosophies found in the Western Esoteric Tradition, which itself covers various groups involved in the occult and ceremonial magic. In some definitions, the Left-Hand Path is equated with malicious Black Magic and the Right-Hand Path with benevolent White Magic.

Common depiction of the left/right hand path, the infamous BAPHOMET:

[Image: 220px-Baphomet.png]
The Left Hand Path has roots in the Indian esoteric tradition. The term was popularized by the Infamous NWO intellectual Madame Blavatsky.

the common characteristics of the left hand path are:

1) rejection of social convention.

2) not religious but "spiritual"

3) tendency to be enamored with indian esoteric traditions or cults such as Yoga.

4) Breaking of taboos to attain psychic power over others. For ex. eating pork among muslims.

5) Preach moral relativism and reject traditional morality.. they believe in personal anarchism.

6) use of sex magick to attain specific goals.
Groups that could be defined as following the left handed path:

LaVeyan Satanism
Theistic Satanism.
Typhonian Order
chaos magic
Occult Taoism
Occult Hinduism such as Aghoris and Vamachara
Occult Buddhism like the Drukpa Lineage and Bön.

also, much of the new age could be characterized as being more partial to the left handed path.
just to be clear Madame blavatsky styled herself as following the "left handed path" although this is probably BS.

Quote:In New York, Madame Blavatsky founded the Theosophical Society with several other people in 1875. She set about writing several books, including Isis Unveiled (1877) in which she introduced the terms Left-Hand Path and Right-Hand Path, firmly stating that she herself followed the RHP, and that followers of the LHP were practitioners of Black Magic who were a threat to society. Soon, certain other occultists soon picked up on her newly introduced duality, which, according to historian Dave Evans, "had not been known before" in the Western Esoteric Tradition.
although it could be possible because Blavatsky was in some ways foundational to Nazism.. which was a type of right wing occultism.

[Image: emb_logo.gif]
Quote:Left-Hand Path relation to Tantra in Buddhism[edit]
Robert Beér's Encyclopedia of Tibetan symbols and motifs clarifies widespread taboos and deprecation which associate the left hand as dark, female, inferior and 'not right':

"In Buddhist tantra, the right hand symbolises the male aspect of compassion or skilful means, and the left hand represents the female aspect of wisdom or emptiness. Ritual hand-held attributes, such as the vajra and bell, vajra and lotus, damaru and bell, damaru and khatvanga, arrow and bow, curved knife and skull-cup, sword and shield, hook and rope snare, etc., placed in the right and left hands respectively, symbolise the union of the active male aspect of skilful means with the contemplative female aspect of wisdom.

In both Hinduism and Buddhism the goddess is always placed on the left side of the male deity, where she 'sits on his left thigh, while her lord places his left arm over her left shoulder and dallies with her left breast'.

In representations of the Buddha image, the right hand often makes an active mudra of skilful means - the earth-touching, protection, fearlessness, wish-granting or teaching mudra; whilst the left hand often remains in the passive mudra of meditative equipoise, resting in the lap and symbolising meditation on emptiness or wisdom."
Lefties rock. Go Baphomet!
Quote:3. Left Handed People have been Shunned across the World

3.1. The Righteous Right, and the Satanic Left

Book CoverThe left has become nearly universally shunned. The right has been associated with all things good and pure whilst the left has been shunned as unholy, evil and relegated to inferiority [Gregory 1987, Gooch 1984]. Although Gooch says that "the left is universally unlucky in the classical world", in "The Oxford Companion to the Mind" by Richard L. Gregory (1987) the author says that "this symbolism has pervaded nearly all cultures (except the Chinese)".

"Ancient Greeks and Romans regarded the left side as inferior and profane, and in medieval times use of the left hand was associated with witchcraft" [Gregory 1987]. In New Zealand the Maoris considered the right side to be godly, representing life; the left side is dedicated to demons and the devil, representing death. Muslims believe good spirits speak into peoples' right ears, but evil spirits speak into the left. In medieval Europe the Devil is drawn with its left hand outstretched. Amongst North American Indians the right represents bravery and virility but the left signifies death and burial. In China you must eat with the right hand. The Nuer people of Africa, the Dutch Indies local native populations and many other old cultures bind the left arm to put it out of use 'for long periods', especially in the young and with left-handed people. Throughout the African continent the right is good and the left is evil. In some places wives should never touch their husbands' face with their left hand. The same patterns persist in South America: The right is good, is life, is divine but the left is female, bad, evil and morbid. Pythagoras set out in his Table of Opposites that the right hand side, male; lightness, was the opposite of the left hand side that was female, and darkness. Schools until recent decades used to "correct" (meaning: 'with the right') left-handed pupils.

Catholic Schools until surprisingly recently used to punish those who dared write left-handed because they were presupposed to be working for the devil - such children were "corrected" - a word which itself means "with the right".

this is interesting. in Japan, japanese parents often force their left handed kids to use the right hand.
Quote:. Christianity and Islam

Book Cover“In Judaism and Christianity the right side of the body represents the first stage of Creation, daytime, consciousness, Adam, Man and active power. The left represents the second stage of Creation, Earth, matter, right, Eve, Women and receptivity. In alchemy, the right and left hands reflect conscious and subconscious actions, the active and passive. Right symbolizes solar and left lunar.”

this is the EXACT same as Taoism.

It is true on many levels that many religions just preach the same thing using diff. stories/modes of expression.

the right is always associated with the masculine and the sun.

even the term RIGHT WING is associated with machismo and the man.. while the left wing is more "feminine" friendly.
My grandmother got her knuckles broken because she had trouble using her right hand. Eventually she managed.

Mum was allowed to use her left and so was I. Times changed in Canada.

In Hong Kong people think you're smart if you're a lefty.
Quote:The word 'left' in many languages is associated with evil, trouble or the devil. In Latin 'left' comes from 'sinister'. The same pattern repeats in many cultures and societies.

Left is Bad: The Greek root "dexter" that gives us the word "dextrous" (skilful) means "on the right", and occurs in Indo-Iranian, Celtic, Lithuanian, Slavonic, Albanian, Germanic and elsewhere. "Left-handedness generates endless nicknames, which right-handedness never acquires. [...] The standard word for left also always means something totally derogatory. 'Left' itself (from Old English lyft) means 'weak, worthless, womanish'. Italian mancino means 'dubious, dishonest', French gauche means 'awkward', Latin sinister is English 'sinister' [...] Among the Nyoro in Africa, for example, 'left' means 'hated', and in Japan [it] means 'crazy'" [Gooch, 1984]

Right is Good: "Right" apart from "dextrous" variously means direct, erect, erection, correct, regal, royal, regiment, rights, forthright, upright, dignity, decent, decree, doctrine and so on.
(07-03-2013 12:14 AM)Winnson Wrote: [ -> ]My grandmother got her knuckles broken because she had trouble using her right hand. Eventually she managed.

Mum was allowed to use her left and so was I. Times changed in Canada.

In Hong Kong people think you're smart if you're a lefty.

In Asia.. there is less differentiation between the left and the right.

Asians are a combination of both.

The left is not inferior to the right. both are 2 halves that make up one whole.

That is why I see much wisdom in non-occult Eastern Philosophy.

An eagle cannot fly with one wing. it needs both the left and the right wing.

the sacred union is between the male and the female.. together they can complement and complete each other.

the western world is obsessed with a black and white view called dualism.. which has its roots in the persian occult called Manicheanism.. in which Good and Evil are forever at war.
yeah. IN asia.. being left handed either means you're an oddball or you have some exceptional abilities. lots of smart people are lefties in Asia, esp. artists/musicians.
(07-03-2013 12:11 AM)Winnson Wrote: [ -> ]Lefties rock. Go Baphomet!

haha. i laughed. you have a cool sense of humor. hahaha
left handed people only make up 10% of the population but represent more than 20% of all Schizophrenic people.

I think the correct way is to be centered but biased right in terms of political/social views.

your right hand is roughly 20-30% stronger than the left if you are right handed.. and 90% of people are right handed.

The longest day is longer than the longest night. I think there is a bias towards the right hand path or the Yang.

that is why when leftist ideologies become too powerful, the world becomes full of chaotic dionysian energy.

I used to say that society does need its liberals and progressives, about 10%.. because these guys push society forward with novel ideas, art, new ideas etc. and I just found out just now that this is the exact percentage of left handers in the world!

very cool. everything makes sense.
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