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Full Version: Francis Ngannou won’t sign new deal
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Francis won’t sign any new deal with the UFC unless he is allowed to box as well. Currently on the last fight of his current deal which runs out January of 2023. He wants to be HW Champion of the World in boxing.

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seems fair, UFC needs to stop being a needy simp
it's a joke what the UFC pays their fighters, that's why they all want to box now. Paige VanZant just released a statement saying she gets more money selling nudes on onlyfans than what the UFC paid her. Fucking embarrassing.
Cheap used to be their middle name. I guess nothing has changed in that regard, I haven't really paid much attention to it under the new ownership. I remember Dana was always talking about how he would fix boxing, no doubt by pocketing 95% of the money himself.
we predicted this was going to happen. The OG being the tards that they are thought that PRIDE going under was good because "all top fighters in on org". Look at the state of the sport now, thinner in talent than it was 15 years ago. Corporate America ruins everything.
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