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Full Version: Naoya Inoue new fight. 3 liver shot KNOCKDOWNS
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without a doubt #1 p4p

Lomachenko won this fight but looked sloppy af compared to Inoue

no comparison. Inoue is the best

simple but effective moves

i have never seen a more impressive boxer

I can see why you like this guy unlike Tenshin.
I don't like Tenshin at all
I think he's a great kickboxer, but i think he's been involved in some shady fights
Idiots still have Inoue at #2 p4p


he may be the greatest p4p boxer that ever lived

his motion is INSANE
LOL @ this dood..
little guys don't age quick, it's just hte COMP IS MUCH STRONGER in the lower weight classes!

INoue was created by his father

one of the best examples of a FATHER molding his progeny to be the BEST
this dude is the best boxer that EVER LIVED p4p. I have no doubt

1 week ago
Real recognizes real. Naoya Inoue is the best fighter in the world right now. People need to realize. He dominates world champions like nobody else does.

pretty much this.

No doubt he is #1, possibly the greatest boxer that has ever lived
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