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Full Version: Rulon Gardner vs. Karelin. classic match from 2000
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He could have done well in MMA. he had decent standup for someone that never trained standup.

The Russians should clone Karelin while he is still alive.
Rulon was just too heavy for him to lift, esp. at his age

Karelin is probably one of the top athletes of all time . 3x Olympic champion
Love Rulon! I'm actually a big fan of the Mark Hunts, Rulon Gardners, and Daniel Cormiers!

I just give the Male StrongLifters a bit of banter in an effort to inspire them to do more than just lift those weights in a controlled and static position if they are of healthy constitution. And I enjoy antagonizing their vanity Tongue

Rulon seems to be maybe just too decent for FightSport. Never underestimate such a fellow though:

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