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Full Version: Attn: Pappy Knuckles
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Hey, i noticed you were a member here and signed in so i thought i'd use this opportunity to ask you to start setting your line-up in our OG fantasy basketball league!! haha

I need help making the playoffs(this is the first year i've tried FB) and don't want to see the cocky league leaders get in simply because some teams stopped playing.

My team is BadBoysRBack, if you'd really like to help....i'll send a trade proposal your way...wink, wink, nod, nod...Wink

Regardless, it'd be very cool of you to at least set your line-up. You've had some good players sitting on your bench, broseph.
Haha. I've totally slacked in this league. I'm good in fantasy football because I set my lineups before the games on Sunday, but with basketball I just forget. I'm sure my record is horrible now lol. Yeah man, I'll try to make a better effort in doing that. I'll go set them now.
Cool, brother.

Just noticed that you had James Harden and Bosh on the bench and i need you to beat the guy your playing(as well as a few other teams comin' up)....lol

What sucks is that only 4 teams make the play offs and a few ringers have been racking up win after win against non-active teams. Thanks for helping out, if you would!!

BTW, you can send 2 of your IR players to those spots and pick up at least 2 other players that are actually playing. I noticed you have 3-4 guys that have the "O" designation, which means they can be moved to IR.
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