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Full Version: Obama asks Putin for 15,000 Russian Troops for Upcoming Disaster?
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An unsettling report prepared by the Emergencies Ministry (EMERCOM) circulating in the Kremlin today on the just completed talks between Russia and the United States in Washington D.C. says that the Obama regime has requested at least 15,000 Russian troops trained in disaster relief and “crowd functions” [i.e. riot control] be pre-positioned to respond to FEMA Region III during an unspecified “upcoming” disaster.

According to this report, this unprecedented request was made directly to Minister Vladimir Puchkov by US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Director Janet Napolitano who said these Russian troops would work “directly and jointly” with her Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), part of whose mission is to secure the continuity of the US government in the event of natural disasters or war.

Important to note, this report says, is that FEMA Region III, the area Russian troops are being requested for, includes Washington D.C. and the surrounding States of Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia, “strongly suggesting” that the Obama regime has lost confidence in its own military being able to secure its survival should it be called upon to do so.

In his public statements, yesterday, regarding these matters Minister Puchkov stated, “We have decided that the US Federal Emergency Management Agency and Russia’s Emergencies Ministry will work together to develop systems to protect people and territory from cosmic impacts,” and further noted that his meeting with DHS Director Napolitano also covered other kinds of natural emergencies, such as recent years’ extreme weather in both Russia and United States.

In this EMERCOM report, however, Minister Puchkov notes that the Russian troops being requested by the Obama regime would “more than likely” be paired with US-DHS troops who last year purchased nearly 2 billion rounds of ammunition and just this past month placed and emergency order for riot gear.

As to what “upcoming disaster” the US is preparing for, this report continues, appears to be “strongly related” to last weeks assassination of American reporter Michael Hastings who was killed while attempting to reach the safety of the Israeli Consulate in Los Angeles, and as we had reported on in our 20 June report Top US Journalist Attempting To Reach Israeli Consulate Assassinated.

Further to be noted about Hastings assassination by the Obama regime is the continued US mainstream propaganda news cover-up of it, though many freelance reporters continue to uncover the truth, such as Jim Stone whose investigation noted that the rear portion of Hastings car was blown open and shredded with the rest of the car nicely intact, which runs counter to the “official” story that this vehicle has hit a tree.

Quote:"Today American's would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful. This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government."

- Henry Kissinger, 1992 Bilderberg meetings

I wonder if people are at a point that they would be willing to allow Russian troops on their soil putting down civil unrest, in order "to secure the continuity of the US Government."
That can't be true.

My Dad recently retired from the Army Corp of Engineers. He was a science advisor to a 3 star general.

He said that many of his peers who also have retired recently have moved from the east coast and the scuttlebutt has been for years that the "machine" has been preparing for quite some time to relocate important facilities from off the Atlantic coast.

And my dad is NOT a conspiracy guy in the least.
^^ It's something I have heard elsewhere, but do not want to believe.
any other sources?
*cough* bullshit *cough*
This fur can't be reals

But the Russians will target the gay community¡¡
Yeah. doesn't really sound legit.

Need another source for this.
There were a few similar stories circulating at the time, but in light of recent diplomatic strains between the two countries, I doubt that this would happen now anyway, even if it had been accurate at the time.
yeah at most it would be just joint training exercises.

but Russia/US relations are at a low right over the snowden/gay propaganda thing.
from the blaze:

Quote:The announcement that spurred this rumor was about the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry and the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which is part of the Department of Homeland Security, agreeing to “exchange experts during joint rescue operations in major disasters.” This agreement was made last month and is said to be a renewable of an already held partnership.

According to the Russian government website, the U.S.-Russia Bilateral Presidential Commission Working Group on Emergency Situations created a protocol “for expert cooperation in disaster response operations and to study the latest practices.”

so yeah.. there is some basis in truth to some of this. but it's a stretch to say they will be overseeing FEMA camps IMO

The Arms Control and International Security Working Group addresses 21st century challenges including enhancing stability and transparency, cooperating on missile defense, preventing the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, reducing nuclear weapons, securing nuclear material, and jointly assessing common threats.


The Defense Relations Working Group discusses and resolves priorities of defense policy and national security, armed forces reform, regional and global security, transparency and confidence building measures, and cooperation on areas of mutual interest.


In the Counterterrorism Working Group, the United States and Russia are working together in the multilateral arena to strengthen international counterterrorism norms and increase capacity building; counter the ideological dimension of violent extremism; improve our transportation security infrastructure; and continue to cooperate closely on law enforcement matters.


Emergency Situations

No Description


The Military Technical Cooperation Working Group works to create favorable conditions for the development of mutually beneficial cooperation between the Russian Federation and the United States of America in the military-technical realm of defense technology, and forms the framework in which cooperation between organizations of the two countries that have been authorized to produce and conduct foreign trade with respect to military goods is possible.

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