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Full Version: adverse reaction reports cov19 vax
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Rehka Lakshmanan of the Immunization Partnership, responding to our inquiry, suggested we look up an anesthesiologist she described as having reported to the VAERS that after a vaccination, he felt like he was turning into the Hulk of Marvel Comics fame.

In a July 2005 web post, Dr. James R. Laidler wrote: "The chief problem with the VAERS data is that reports can be entered by anyone and are not routinely verified. To demonstrate this, a few years ago I entered a report that an influenza vaccine had turned me into The Hulk. The report was accepted and entered into the database.
I've heard some specialist warn us for the MRNA vaccin. They are legit afraid that the RNA can turn on it's own host and cause auto-immune disease in multiple years from now. Vaccines with MRNA in it are an unpaved road for everyone. They don't exactly know what is going to happen further down the road. They hope it will turn out allright but there is no conclusive testing done that they can build these conclusions on.

Scary shit if you think about it..

If you get the jab, make sure you find out which is based on proteins and which is based on MRNA. 2 totally different aproaches on how to fight Covid. The protein one consist on proven technology, almost all our vaccins consists of protein. MRNA is new and fairly untested.

I'm dead serious about this
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