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Full Version: Vatican's Holocaust
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Part 6 has a graphic warning so it is not posted.

Now you know why Cro Cop dropped his last name.
you can't blame every action of church groups on the vatican.

however certain catholics did support the nazis.

Pope Pius did indeed save the jews.

will watch this soon.
The Catholics did support the Ustashe, who committed innumerable crimes against the Serbs, killing hundreds of thousands in concentration camps.

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Catholic chics are the biggest whores

Refer to the Philippines
Quote:Two Popes served through the rise and fall of Nazi Germany - Pius XI (1922–39) and Pius XII (1939–58). In January 1933, the disintegrating Weimar Republic and its aging President Hindenburg appointed Adolf Hitler as Chancellor. In July 1933, the Holy See reached a Concordat with Germany, which promised to guarantee the rights of Catholic institutions, while prohibiting the church from engaging in political activities. This treaty remains in force, but was violated by the Nazi regime, particularly, after it achieved totalitarian dictatorship following the 1934 death of Hindenburg. Hitler and Nazi ideology were, in many respects, hostile to Catholicism. Senior Nazis Rosenberg, Goebells, Bormann and Himmler were particularly anti-Christian

the NAZIs were not Christians.. they were NEO-PAGAN OCCULTISTS.

the Nazis killed MANY catholics.
Quote:The 1920 Nazi Manifesto outlined the Nazi world view on religion and race and held that German citizenship should be based on race and blood, to the exclusion of Jews. Freedom of religious beliefs was demanded, insofar as they did "not endanger the existence of the State, and do not offend against the manners and morals of the Germanic race." The Party was to base itself on a non-confessional "Positive Christianity and was to combat the "Jewish materialistic spirit"."[3] [4] The "Positive Christianity" of the Nazi Party rejected the Apostle's Creed and Semitic origins of traditional Christianity.[5][6] Vatican objections to Nazi ideology, racism and "Positive Christianity" were outlined in Pius XI's 1937 Mit brennender Sorge encyclical, which condemned the "so called myth of race and blood".

the catholics are not racists because God is not a racist.

It is the universal church. you can't be a universal church if you're gonna be hating on people cuz of their skin color
people have to remember, the nazis hated everything jewish.. and that included Jewish derived religions such as Christianity.

even some white power groups today dislike Christianity because they see it as "judaized"

all the early christians were judeans. the ones who rejected the messiah remained as Jews.
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