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Full Version: Lil Pump was one of the final guests at the final Trump Rally in Michigan
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i'mw atching the live streams. Trump is getting money from all over the world

norway, korea, everywhere
Lil PUmp is one of the most popular rappers.. so it's quite the endorsement.

he's one of the main influencers for GEN-Z
lil wayne is now a trump fan

[Image: 441971e4-1cca-11eb-99d6-deeedd63f648_ima...1604359001]
is he still rallying at 1:09 am or this is a replay?

it says LIVE
Grand Rapids, Michigan at 10:30 PM EST.
Trump is an expert at reading a telemprompter while inserting his own adlibs in between.
I wonder if he has a button to pause the prompter while he's adlibbing
That's it folks. it ended.

Lots of momo for Trump.
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