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Full Version: Trump's message to the USA!
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Karasu will not like this. Sad
[Image: origin_v08i0jv7d.jpg]

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what a scam.

they are using Trump to promote the VAX

the drugs he is talking about is the VAX

it's an antibody treatment!

The drug hasn't been released yet. Trump was treated with things Doctors already had available.

Calm down, EY. Nobody's going to stick you with a needle any time soon. Tongue
this sleezer is very TRANSPARENT
need to Replace the Superman Image with crafty villain mastermind and then it may be more accurate

I imagine Mainstream Media Journalist Clark Kent would be fighting for the little guy, wealth inequality, universal healthcare, and all that....
Is this the storm Qanon keeps talking about, a tweet storm??

Break up the Big Tech monopolies!

How 'bout dat?
stock market highs mean the tech monopolies get stronger tards!
they are using the trump people to push the vaccine and the covid narrative.

woefully transparent
[Image: 35CECD60-4171-4899-B7BC-2D2BE1840B4D-302...97615.jpeg]
it's funny to see the left spread conspiracy theories about the POTUS fake having COVID

I do happen to not think he ever had it, but it's still pretty funny
[Image: BE1B861F-C8F4-48B0-91F1-AB2B92135442-589...9F81D.jpeg]
this was a pretty good troll by trump.

but I honestly think this is a last ditch effort to promote COVID to his base who doesn't believe in Covid

they are having a hard time justifying further or more enhanced lockdowns

the spell has been broken
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