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Full Version: JKD was there a SYSTEM or not?
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I like to think it was this:

[Image: 17bc5c48fbb515ef4bab722d415dd95b.jpg]
those older books are more based on wing chun and gung fu

Tao of Jeet Kune do describes more of the MMA type of system

there is also an even older book I think just called "GUNG FU" and that is mostly TMA type of stuff.
The older stuff was known as Jun Fan Gung Fu. JKD I believe was penned in 1967 (?).
yeah supposedly he got really tired and winded after fighting wong jack man using modified wing chun, so he decided to diversify his arsenal

JKD is the origin of MMA.
I believe there was a system and it was not FMA/MUAY-THAI and was instead something rather unique. One innovative element was the influence of Western Fencing. Then there was the low-level destruction/Foot-jab method unique to the system.

using striking arts as example, every style may have a punch and kick but each has its own unique flavor and I believe this is also true for JKD
Modern martial arts = guns + drones + tanks + helicopters + missiles + jets
(09-27-2020 12:56 PM)Chaos Reigns Wrote: [ -> ]Modern martial arts = guns + drones + tanks + helicopters + missiles + jets

Concealed carry, pepper spray and shivs.
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