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Full Version: Pastor to officials threatening jail: 'Bring it on!'
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Pastor to officials threatening jail: 'Bring it on!'
John MacArthur targeted by California edict restricting worship

A nationally known Southern California pastor is telling government officials who are trying to shut down his congregation's worship through threats of fines and even jail to "Bring it on!"

John MacArthur of Grace Community Church has argued that officials have not treated churches equally in their coronavirus restrictions, contending they are violating the constitutional right to worship.

In an interview Tuesday with Fox News' Laura Ingraham, the pastor confirmed he's been warned he could go to jail for six months.

He noted, however, that when the Apostle Paul went into a city, he didn't ask about the condition of the hotels but the jail, because he knew that's where he likely would end up.

"I don't mind being a little apostolic … I'm open for a jail ministry," MacArthur said.

"Bring it on!"

Ingraham said state officials are using COVID-19 restrictions to cover their attacks on religion.

"Petty tyrants," she said, are prohibiting people from worshiping indoors.

MacArthur said California Gov. Gavin Newsom and others are "going against the Constitution."

He pointed out that in California,

He insisted the level of infection does not support the cancellation of constitutional rights to worship for the entire state, with "1/100th of 1%" of the residents having been infected.

He said the Constitution supports his position, and President Trump has told him personally that churches are essential during such times of trouble.

"We're open," he said.

"The church preaches the gospel of Jesus Christ ... [which] is the only source of eternal salvation," he said. "The church doesn't exist to make sure it navigates around politicians' whims."

Donald Trump saying it's essential but doing nothing to support these churches.

It's good they are starting to fight back.

the entire lockdown is unconstitutional

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