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Full Version: Trump officials rush to introduce untested vaccine tracking system
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The Trump administration is betting it can get millions of coronavirus shots to the Americans who need them most using a new, unproven data system that threatens to bypass state trackers that have long been mainstays in public immunization programs.

The effort, funded by an almost $16 million sole-source contract, would help public health officials schedule Covid-19 immunizations and manage vaccine supplies.

States already have information systems, called vaccine registries, that perform the same basic functions and can help doctors see what shots patients already have. But the Trump administration — which has left critical questions about the Covid-19 recovery unanswered while urging states to take the lead — believes that the scope of the pandemic requires new infrastructure to cover all the providers who might be involved in the response.

I suspect the rush is being inspired by politics with November being a big milestone.
I don't think the election matters at all.

it's a complete shit show.

I think Trump is part of the Covid agenda.

he will win regardless if a Vaccine is fast-tracked or not.
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