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Full Version: Oracle is going to acquire Tik Tok
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more indication that China is working with the US, esp. the Trump administration and China.

if US were really an enemy, they would just leave the USA, instead of letting an "enemy" country take control of their biggest media asset

Quote:The software company Oracle has won the bid for TikTok’s U.S. assets, according to the Wall Street Journal.
On Sunday night, Microsoft’s bid to buy the U.S. operations of the Chinese-owned video app was rejected, leaving Oracle as the frontrunner.
Oracle’s acquisition should resolve President Donald Trump’s executive order threatening to ban TikTok unless the assets were sold by Sept. 20. The order came amid an ongoing concern about privacy and security on the Chinese-backed app that has become massively popular with Americans, specifically teens.
the information that I had was that Oracle would provide their cloud services and support now, but they weren't buying tiktok.
i think it could be a partnership of some sort.

either way I do not buy into the BS that China is some sort of "enemy" of the US

IMO China is working closely with Fauci/Trump regarding Covid-1984
TIK TOK is just going to be the latest TWERK promoting vehicle after instagram.

after all the parents are on IG, the kids are shifting to something else. that is TIK TOK

TIK TOK will be used to promote filth and debauchery.
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