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Full Version: Priming mass opinion through auto-suggestive control
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Bing is not Biden friendly and Google is Biden propaganda.
we should stop using the term "i'm going to google this or that"

use the phrase "i'm going to search this on the net" or some plain shit
the thing is some of us remember a time when you could search for shit.. and get decent results

for many of the younger folks that grew up on CARDI B and PP COCAINE.. they do not know that type of world

they think they know it because google suggests it.

we have the most pro-authority, corporate young generation in human history.

(09-15-2020 02:24 AM)pilgrim Wrote: [ -> ].
Bing is not Biden friendly and Google is Biden propaganda.

Bing is owned by Bill Gates. The thing is that no one gives a shit about bing, so they don't even bother tweaking the search algorithms like that.
I've been saying "web-search" for quite some time and always try to avoid referencing Amazon when talking about online shopping

Google/Amazon too BIG too much Power
a lot of these are manually changes.. the computers are not sophisticated enough to do it.

they have a list of 100s or thousands of hot button topics that must be manually shifted with their slave crew.
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