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Full Version: Cro-Co highlight!
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You just know a Cro-Cop highlight will be full of action!

that second Wandy fight was so scary. He turned the most feared man in MMA into a corpse in a matter of minutes, the entire UG was on his nuts after that.
very good movement.

very good posture.

Great fighter.
the Mike Tysons, George Foremans, Mirko Cro-Cops, Igor Vovchanchyns, Cain Valesquez, Mark Hunts, Brock Lesnars, Nick & Nate Diaz keep me humble. Those dudes are TEAM SILVERBACK. I know Nick and Nate are small but those are the kind of guys which don't need 6 months prep-time and rules and will not hesitate to scrap and will do so with bad intentions

it's Team Lemur for me!

good video.
Left leg cemetery right leg hospital

Formidable fighter. Always exciting seeing CroCop performing in the K1

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