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Full Version: Sweden’s disease expert says just wearing face masks could be ‘very dangerous’
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Sweden’s disease expert says just wearing face masks could be ‘very dangerous’

Sweden’s top infectious disease expert has resisted recommending face masks for the general population — arguing it’s “very dangerous” if people believe the coverings alone will stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Anders Tegnell, chief epidemiologist at Sweden’s Public Health Agency, has repeatedly expressed skepticism that face masks will control virus outbreaks, the Financial Times reported.

“It is very dangerous to believe face masks would change the game when it comes to COVID-19,” said Tengell, who is considered the country’s equivalent of Dr. Anthony Fauci from the White House COVID-19 task force.

He noted that countries with widespread mask compliance, such as Belgium and Spain, were still seeing rising virus rates.

“Face masks can be a complement to other things when other things are safely in place,” he said. “But to start with having face masks and then think you can crowd your buses or your shopping malls — that’s definitely a mistake.”

He completely brushed off the prospect of wearing masks last month, saying, “With numbers diminishing very quickly in Sweden, we see no point in wearing a face mask in Sweden, not even on public transport.”

Tegnell has argued that evidence about the effectiveness of face mask use was “astonishingly weak.”

“I’m surprised that we don’t have more or better studies showing what effect masks actually have,” he told the UK Times.

The infectious disease expert has faced backlash after the nation controversially refused to lock down, leading to a higher death rate per capita than neighboring countries that took stricter approaches.

Sweden has recorded at least 85,000 cases, including more than 5,800 fatalities, according to the latest figures from Johns Hopkins University.

I wonder why Sweden has been allowed to show that herd immunity is the only way to "flatten the curve" and "stop the spread"?

They are a woke country, but they aren't doing the woke thing.

Taiwan is another country that did not go along with the BS, and that is 100% because they do not trust China. They are also having great results in dealing with the "virus".
I believe there was so much confusion at the beginning of this "pandemic" that nobody knew what the right approach was. It doesn't look to me like there were any perfect plans and that almost all countries had their issues no matter what they tried.

I appreciate Sweden's approach. It was bold and they didn't fall in line with what the NWO crowd was pushing.
Sweden is probably the control group if indeed this is an experiment.

They follow the rules and many of them have already gladly accepted the microchip.

So they are a good control group that will play along with whatever agenda.

also they probably had to choose a few countries that did not follow the lockdown rules as it would make the global govt. look too obvious
Sweden has politics comparable to that of Bernie Sanders. This helps prove that the COVID restrictions hysteria is not deep down a Left v. Right issue. It's a medical issue. It shouldn't matter whether you are left or right. It depends on whether the masks are an overreaction or not.
One factor with Sweden was that it didn't get hit with the virus early on. The main early countries were China, Iran, Italy, France, and then later the US.

Another factor is that they have far better hygiene, so they are going to get much fewer cases. They probably have much better hygiene than the US and Canada (which are probably similar to each other). China, France, and Italy have much worse hygiene than the US, and so they are naturally going to get more cases.

Another factor is that Sweden tends to be different from much of the rest of the Western countries, like in being more social democratic, more neutral in the Cold War, etc. They "deviate", to put it one way, or passively dissent, however you want to call it.
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