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Full Version: Chinese people don't watch the news
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True from my experience.
USA people watch news like it's pro sports.
[Image: h1j17m6fjdh51.jpg?width=640&crop...49729715bb]
Many Americans still think they’re living in Reagan years. Or Carter years at worst, but normalcy will soon be restored with the American Dream. Its really fall of Rome part 2, but America has been stable and prosperous for too long, and they cant phantom it.
normalcy wont be restored. this is unlike anything else
America in it's current form must die for anything good to happen in the world.

Not saying any of us should run off and do something illegal. Just stating what 1/2 of the country knows deep down but is afraid to even be caught thinking it.
America is like a sick animal, and the parasites and vultures are already feasting on it. It's only a matter of time before the carcass of democracy is picked dry. Thus the parasites and vultures are already planning their next meal. To jump from one declining superpower to the next.
chinese people really don't watch the news.. at least not the official media.

they do read tabloid type of news though, but it has more to do with entertainment

they do read the financial media.

no one pays attention to what politicians are saying in China for the most part.
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