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Full Version: California High School Fitness regimens in 1962
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raising a fat baby in 1935

Definitely not diverse enough.
those kids are all very fit compared to the kids of today.
in comparing diet, what is different from then and now?

was their fitness a result of PALEO/KETO/VEGAN or did KRAFT/HEINZ and other CAPITALIST BIG FOOD INDUSTRY begin "tinkering" with chemicals that messed up our systems?

I don't think we are having problems because we aren't eating PALEO but more a case of WALLSTREET CAPITALISM INFLUENCE on INCREASING SHARE PRICE leading to BIG FOOD INDUSTRY playing FRANKENSTEIN with product

Was a meal at McDonalds more NATURAL back in the day compared to now?
I think it was before the widespread adoption of fast food.
Definitely before GMOs
Test levels have dropped by half over the last 50-100 years.

study after study confirms this, yet not a peep
just found this cool study of Americana Cuisine:

since this is early 1960s I will share the part about 1950s influence:

"The 1950’s

TV Dinners were HUGE in the 1950’s They were perfect products for housewives concerned with convenience (the ones who owned microwaves). They also coincided perfectly with the creation of TV’s, and advertisements made sure to play up the fact that these meals were meant to be ingested by families gathered around the boob tube. Beef stroganoff and tuna noodle casseroles were also popular recipes. Drive Thrus and diners came to prominence during the 1950s, making hamburgers, french fries, and milkshakes regular meals. The 11940’s and 950’s also saw the rise of pizza, which had became popular after soldiers stationed in Italy during World War II returned"------


as I observed, the diet was similar in NAME to what is consumed now..........so what is DIFFERENT? I suspect that WALL-STREET CAPITALISM POISONED the PEOPLE!
they may have been eating what we are eating......but it was more NATURAL. WALLSTREET influence is like a DRUG-PUSHER which waters down a product with POISON to INCREASE the PROFITS
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