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Full Version: Japan needs immigrants by Yurika Chiba
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The number of foreigners is small in Japan compared to other countries. Basically, it is said that Japan is mono-cultural, homogeneous and monolingual society. For example, all of my classmates in high school were Japanese who have black hair and speak Japanese. We did not have opportunities to interact with foreigners in Japan. When we see foreigners, we feel they are “different” because they do not look like Japanese. It is hard for foreigners to live in such a society, I think. For instance, there was an international student in my high school. She was from America and had gold hair. I mean her appearance was completely different as Japanese. We saw her as “gaijin.” We did not know how to communicate with her although we wanted to get along with her. Finally, she could not fit in our class. One of the reasons why Japan has few foreigners is that Japanese society is said to be homogeneous. Therefore, Japanese people tend to refuse foreigners and different cultures. However, it is time to change Japanese society to make comfortable society for foreigners because globalization has been expanding. I mean that Japan needs foreigners in order to lead to economic growth.

The number of immigrants would be increasing if Japan became comfortable place to live for foreigners. Immigrants are important to solve some problems in Japan. In particular, the problem about the declining birth rate and a growing proportion of elderly people. For example, immigrants come to Japan in order to work and marry Japanese people. Their children probably will also work in Japan. This will help increase the population long term and help to solve Japanese population crisis. Immigrants have an important role in Japan.

However, Japan has difficult problems to solve in order to absorb immigrants. There are strict rules of immigrants in Japan. In addition, the rules are different from their countries. It is said that the crime rate will go up if immigrants increase. Japan might not be ready to receive immigrants. Japan should make new laws about immigrants. For instance, new laws to allow immigrants to live in Japan easily. The laws suitable for immigration should be established. Besides the laws, Japanese people need to change values like understanding different cultures. For example, Japanese children should be educated in English since a kindergarten. They can go abroad more often and communicate with foreigners easier if they can speak English well. I think English has a important role to accept immigrants.

Japan has some difficulty of absorbing immigrants. Japanese government and Japanese citizens should be aware of and solve these problems. Of course, things cannot be changed soon. It takes much time to make better society for immigrants. Japan has to do what it can do for immigrants immediately. I hope that my children or grandchildren would be free of prejudice and live in multinational society in the future.
how about we live in a multi-cultural world.

every country has their own culture.. and the world has multiple cultures that respect each other's differences.

if you want to live in a multi-cultural society move to the UK or the US...

do not bother other countries that want to preserve their heritage.
Well their birth rate wont support a growing global economy.

I think North Africans would make great Japanese citizens, or you could get some of those asiatic africans who are similar in looks and stature to the japanese.

try and be open minded bro, the writer is a japanese nationalist.
I hope that my children or grandchildren would be free of prejudice and live in multinational society in the future.

So go move to a Favela in Brazil and leave Japan you sick fuck.
the world should have true diversity.

If some places like multiculturalism.. let them have it and people can move there. If a culture wants to remain a non-disruptive monoculture.. let them be.

this is true liberalism..
Mixing everyone up and diluting cultures isn't MULTI-CULTURALISM

real multiculturalism is when multiple cultures, all distinct can live in harmony and respect each other's differences.

the beauty of life is the diversity of God's creation.. it's awesome that there are so many diff. types of people/races/cultures. we should aim to keep it that way without fighting/genocide/violence/hatred.
Cultures have changed due to migration since day dot, I dont see the difference here.
Yes, Japan needs immigrants.

And, as Japan needs immigrants, so does...........


[Image: ZOMBIE_Mars.jpg]
they changed due to natural migration/patterns/conquering etc.

it was never socially engineered on a scale like this.

marxists really hate culture because it throws a monkey wrench into their models and their predictive powers.

culture/family etc. are things that people might adhere to beyond money/self interest. that is problematic for the technocratic authoritarians.
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