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Full Version: NWO symbolism hits Bollywood. Trolling in full effect
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[Image: BLgBfDoCYAEuNUA.jpg?resize=400%2C507]
China is not spared of this trolling either. Fan Bing Bing giving the wannabe wink.

[Image: bingbing.jpg?resize=400%2C539]
I wish it were but I really don't think it's trolling.

When I was a kid listening to Black Sabbath and the like, I used to think this was all a joke.

I'm now convinced that there is a whole subset of society in these occult beliefs.

They've always been involved in banking and business but have over the years infiltrated almost all aspects of politics and the entertainment industry.

High level occultism or 'Illuminism' looks down on the the lower levels(Satanism, etc.) and considers them 'dabblers'.

But they use them to a great effect to further the Luciferian agenda.
well high level illuminism is pure machevellian rationalism IMO. they are cold hearted fuckers who probably dont' have time for rituals. but it's useful to keep some satanists/hedonists around in the entertainment field
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