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Full Version: Sex workers in okinawa are fearful of US troops
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US troops are stationed in Japan to protect the nation. But to sex workers in Okinawa

Business is slow in Okinawa’s biggest red-light district. Touts stand idle beneath neon signs advertising “soap-land” brothels, where prostitutes lather male clients for money. A handful of men loiter to peer at the photos of women pasted on billboards outside, though few appear willing to part with Y15,000 (£100) to spend an hour with one inside. Desperate as some of the businesses are, however, many still decline one type of customer: US military servicemen.

“Too much trouble,” explains one tout working the Tsuji-machi district of Naha, Okinawa’s capital. The soap-land businesses that do admit Americans tend to pair them with older, more experienced women. “They scare the younger girls,” says another tout. “Especially when they have had a few drinks.”
Mr Hashimoto tapped into a vein of anger at the US military presence on Okinawa. “Every time a crime has occurred,” he said, the Americans promise it will never happen again. Nevertheless, these crimes have not stopped.” A few months before he spoke, Naha district court sent two US sailors to jail for gang-raping an Okinawan woman on her way home from work. After the assault, the men bought drinks in a bar with the Y7,000 they stole from their victim.
“We’ve been living with military crimes since 1945,” says Chuuji Chinen, a retired journalist who campaigns against the US bases. “If (Hashimoto) is concerned about us he should tell the soldiers to get out instead of asking local women to service them.”

On Okinawa, potentially one of the most politically explosive American hosts, troops are increasingly confined to base. When they venture off, they are allowed to consume just two alcoholic drinks, with a meal, and they must be back at 10pm – recognition that booze, late nights and young soldiers are a potentially lethal mix. Many servicemen reportedly resent the restrictions but accept them because the situation on the main island has grown so tense.

Critics say that warning was more about politics than morals. Many local sex businesses have stopped serving them. “The only reason why some “soaps” accept American military personnel is because there are too few customers,” says a prostitute in Tsuji-machi who requested anonymity. She says she’ll have sex with older men during the day time but refuses younger troops at night.

“They get rough, grabbing you by the neck and slapping your face,” she says. “I’d prefer not to work at all than endure that. Why should we have to absorb the hatred in the world?”
this is where the NGO's should be working their magic. this is the ultimate crime and insult towards the beloved women of the world.

Women are getting raped and abused around these bases.. yet NGO groups like to focus on far more trivial matters.
Keep in mind, most of the young service men who would be stationed there are not too bright to begin with. Add the sense of entitlement the uniform gives them, and bad things are pretty much a guarantee.
Interesting. The working girls in Hong Kong love it when the Navy rolls in.

Maybe it's different because they're not stationed here and they just blow through town in a day or two.

Why would you treat a woman rough when sexing her up? That's just stupid.
^ also the Chinese govt. doesn't fuck around.

China doesn't have to listen to the US.. but Japan does.

if Us people fuck up in China.. they are under Chinese law.
True. Mind your Ps and Qs.
Roughly 40% of the land area of Okinawa was stolen from the Okinawans to build US military bases. In an area of the world that was ALREADY severely overcrowded.

All because the fucking mainland Japanese did not want bases on the four islands.

This is a national disgrace.
Wow. I can't believe Americans carry themselfs like that. You think a uniform would bring respect and honor, not a free pass to do what you want.
typically a lot of would be criminals are sent off to these bases.

they've been raping girls left and right.. and the US really does nothing to punish them.

that's one thing China has on both korea and Japan.. no US military bases.

No matter how awesome your civilization or culture is.. if you got some foreign element watching over you like a little kid you can never be proud.
Meanwhile these girls are gropped on trains by little jap girly men and dont say shit.

Same goes for Korea.
So disgusting.

the US military occupation of Japan is a crime beyond all measure.

Not that the US military occupation was just to begin with, but THE FIRST TIME a Japanese girl was abused they should have all been sent packing.

Japan needs NATIONALISM.

(06-19-2013 03:57 AM)Iwrestledabearonce Wrote: [ -> ]Wow. I can't believe Americans carry themselfs like that. You think a uniform would bring respect and honor, not a free pass to do what you want.


The US military attracts the worst that America has to offer.

A potent combination of xenophobic ignorant white trash from the rural south, inner city blacks including gang members and illegal Mexican immigrants.
Shah how can you in one breath talk about Japan's need for nationalism then go on to talk about xenophobic white trash.

Xenophobia and nationalism go hand in hand with jingoism.

Japan needs to become more multicultural, it needs more cultural depth.
Lol.....stop trolling these boards
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