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So today the cops are outside my house talking to the neighbors, apparently someone in the neighbothood had been casing houses as a solicitor in the morning. So me and my roommate are looking through our window and see one cop take off in a jog toward out backyard.

We go around to see what he is doing and this fucker is opening our gate. My dog ( a 35lb cocker spaniel mix!) goes toward him and he yells No! once and them BLAM! FUCKING SHOOTS MY GOD DAMNED DOG!


Ok, so my dog is hopefully going to make it he;s at the emergency vet right now. Bullet, a .40 cal went in through the top of his back and came out but there is some shrapnel still inside, gonna be at least 2 grand.


I'm sorry I can;t even type properly right now I'm so pissed off, I hope he makes it, he's a great dog, fucking 13 years old and no more than 40lbs and this PUSSY BITCH f*ggot COCKSUCKER SHOT HIM!!!!!


SO what is my legal recourse here fellas? At the very least I'm going to put this officer on blast all over the local news, this is some bulshit.
I just hope the little guy makes it. Sad
That's outrageous. Where did this happen? There is no excuse for it. An elderly cocker spaniel in his own back yard?

This guy sounds like a fucking meathead.
Fucking cops.

I hope your dog pulls through, and that pig gets fired.
(06-18-2013 04:52 PM)Spinelock Wrote: [ -> ]a .40 cal went in through the top of his back and came out

Fitting screen name, hopefully your dog makes a full recovery and bites the fuck out of every bitch assed cop he sees.

Cops = Government storm troopers

what kind of dog was it?


These guys sell cocker spaniel pups and they are fairly reputable.
He's a cockerspaniel golden retriever mix, supposedly. He's a rescue dog so his exact stats are unknown but I've owned him for at least ten years and he was already full grown at the time.
It was fucking horrible. This is in the bay area, CA.
So what can I do to get reimbursed here? They told me maybe 6 grand at one point and I was thinking I might have to put the guy down, FURIOUS. Ended up taking him to a 24 hour emergency vet after the first non 24 hour vet too some xrays and said he was prob gonna need serious surgery.

Second vet, a surgeon, said they were going to leave the bullet in and just flush the wound over night and then sow him up tomorrow with the shrapnel still inside. So hopefully that works especially since it is considerably cheaper than surgically removing the remnants of the bullet. BUllet went in, hit something and part went out, part stayed in. SUper lucky.
Why did the cop say he went into your backyard and opened your gate? This sounds pretty damn fucked up.
Sorry to hear, this sounds pretty messed up.

If the officer entered you property without permission and shot your dog there must be some sort of legal recourse.
[Image: tumblr_m5hly4xasR1r5euy1o1_500.jpg]

Stares bravely into the world only to be shot dead by f*ggot cops for no reason a few years later.
Absolutely shameful.

Hope your dog gets better, and I hope the asshole cop who did this gets at least 2 weeks of suspension without pay, which is just about the maximum penalty you can expect in the United States.

Does anyone else just cringe thinking of the lies that this P.O.S. will pull out of his ass, to justify the fact that he shot a defenseless creature?
"It wasnt wagging its tail, so I took the necessary action"

- Fat cunt cop.
They ALWAYS take the word of the cop. These assholes with badges even lie to you about your rights. one of them intimidated my friend into not recording a traffic accident with his smart phone (when it is perfectly legal).

I know there are good cops in the US, but the entire system is corrupt from top to bottom. Law enforcement agencies throughout the nation are heavily aligned with a corrupt industry that makes a living off of people in prison. The more people they arrest, the more money flows through the system. It is a giant slush fund.

It is practically like you are living in a third world country. Shit, the Koreans had to defend their shops THEMSELVES with guns because the useless LAPD swine only attack black people 10 on 1.

So sorry for your loss.
Get the name of the cop, tell your story on 4 chan, let them sort the cunt out.
Wow I hope your dog makes it. Dumb ass cop.
LMFAO @ this.

why woudl they do that?

those vids you see of cops shooting dogs are not ISOLATED incidents.

this is pissing me off so bad.

hope your dog makes it
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