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this is happening everywere in the USSA

shoot dogs first, ask questions later

Dogs shot by police facebook awareness group. If you have one, maybe post your story there

Sorry to hear, what a scumbag

Hope the best for your dog
(06-18-2013 06:16 PM)sparkuri Wrote: [ -> ]POST PICS OF YOUR DOG AND THE STORY EVERYWHERE.

So sorry for your loss.


Go full retard on this trigger-happy douchebag and his superiors who obviously hired a loose cannon.

The local news is always looking for stories like this. Invite them to see your dog and the state he's now in.
I hope your pup makes it out okay. You might be able to get donations for the surgery if you post this story elsewhere.
unfortunately without video/photo evidence.. it will probably get less exposure. this thing seems to be a weekly thing.

I'm looking at cops shoot dog on google and it's overflowing with stories.
Couple was awarded 620K in damages over a shooting incident.

That is just horrifying.

Eye for a fucking eye.
He didn't have a warrant. Sue the police dept. Talk to a lawyer.

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is your dog ok?

i hope he is.
wow unbelievable.

Little guy is gonna make it.
I can't get a police report for 7-10 days? Is this normal? Have not talked to a lawyer yet, neighbors are all in disbelief.
Picked him up this morning, hes on tramadol and antibiotics but doing well, they just flushed the wound overnight and stapled him up. I have plenty of picture of him almost bleeding out at the vets, I don't think it would be a problem for me to post pics but like I said I haven;t talked to a lawyer yet, I'll post pics when I get the legal ok.
Thanks for the support guys, just relieved he is probably gonna make it. Fucking champ.
That's great news Spinelock!
good news.. he is alive and well.. but it doesn't make this any more outrageous.

this is truly crazy. also this happened in the bay area... supposedly 'liberal'
I hope that cop dies slowly and painfully

Not because of this dog or anything Im just a mean cunt.
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