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Full Version: Astrology Of Paulson. Soros. Gates. Buffet.
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I just recently looked them up because I read up on the impending US collapse.

The billionaire money movers. I wanted to see what they had in common.

All have 1 aspect in common. It's a very rare aspect.

They ALL have Jupiter conjunct Pluto.

DUN DUN DUN! The chances of having this conjunction in a natal chart is about 2 in 100. To have all of those top movers and shakers share this conjunction is an astounding astrological anomoly. It's akin to all of them being Aries only that has a much higher probability of 1 in 12.
Dong ?...........
you have conflicts with both of those duders.

they square your sun.

y did you give me the wrong info? to test me?
dong is it possible you can give me the full readings, like you did last time? It does not have to be today. Whenever you you have time.
not going to do that anymore now that i know you were tricking my charity the first time around. wasted my time.

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(06-18-2013 05:51 AM)DONG JOHNSON Wrote: [ -> ]not going to do that anymore now that i know you were tricking my charity the first time around. wasted my time.

dude, lol. I made a mistake of the hospital I was born. I'm srry man. Did not mean to waste your time.
What can you learn from doing an astrology reading?

An Indian guy from my gym told me that he knew a guy his own age who gave up work because he just wanted to study Hindu scriptures.

He gave him a reading (or rather, a reading of his father) and told him x number of years in the future, in this month, near the end of the month, your father will die by car accident.

My buddy said that when he got a call one day, at that predicted time and the police were on the other end he knew what it was about. The guy was 100% correct. He also said he made other predictions 100% correct, often to the exact detail that he had given.

It is definitely interesting stuff.
Dong is very serious about his astrology!

paulson, soros buffet etc. are just people with maximum visibility.. the real movers and shakers are less well known.
who are the real movers and shakers?

Nathaniel Rothschild? Prince William? David Rockefeller?

Give me some names and I'll check them out.
the Rothschilds are no longer that powerful either.. they've been more low profile.

but yeah check Evelyn Rothschild.
also Dong you know there is an elite anglo secret society called the "ZODIAC club" right.. the whole thing is based on astrology.
also maybe check Marc Agius.
Evelyn Rothschild's Pluto is right next to his Jupiter as well but not within 10 degrees of each other. Interesting.

The problems with his chart is that

he was born into power. Given that power at birth and groomed to be. So astrological inclination has less pull on his success.... unlike someone like Richard Branson or George Soros or Paulson who made their bones from commoners to greatness. That takes true greatness.

2ndly, I believe the elite believes in astrology and that's why Chinese leaders/billionaires don't reveal their birthdays. Have you ever noticed that? Evelyn Rothschild could've easily posted a wrong birthday.
Yeah but Branson or Paulson don't have that much "power" imo.

Soros i think is quite influential though but he dumps a lot of his own money into funding various liberalizing efforts in eastern europe.

the power is in the system for the most part and they are all players in the game.

did you ever check Xi Jin Ping's chart?
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