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IT may seem a little hard to digest, but a man who hasn’t eaten three solid meals a day in months claims he has stumbled upon the secret to good health — and it doesn’t involve calorie counting and exercise.

But Rob Rhinehart isn’t on a fad diet or starving himself in a bid to lose weight.

He simply wanted to revolutionise his life when he created what he says is a formula which gives his body the exact amount of vitamins and minerals it needs to survive.

Spurned on by a poor diet and lack of time to shop and prepare food, the 24-year-old began researching what his body needed, down to the biochemical level, and made Soylent — a drink mixture of vitamins and minerals which includes calcium, potassium, zinc, vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K.

“I was really tired of eating poorly and wondered why it had to be difficult to obtain healthy food,” he told news.com.au.

“I started seeing food on a biochemical level and developed a new form that is much more efficient and scalable by including only the necessary components — and was surprised

to find it worked.”

He swapped his favourite pizzas, burgers and other foods with his Soylent formula for a month and says he begun to enjoy food for the first time as he learned how to eat for pleasure instead of greed.

Mr Rhinehart, who now has Soylent for 90 per cent of his meals, said he believed his formula could be the ideal replacement for unhealthy fast food, or for time-poor people who wanted to avoid the stress of shopping and cooking.

Read more: http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/health-...z2WRmRCTRo
Where the hell does he get his calories from?
This should be called the "Sub Saharan" diet.

No calories needed until..... Kwashiorkor sets in. (SP?)

Yes I know thats a protein issue but he doesnt injest protein either.
you spelled that right gae seki
It came up as an error hangmun!
I'd rather drink this shit then eat Monsanto vegetables...

I've always been a 1 meal a day guy and I use milk as my meal replacement...
I rarely ever get 3 meals a day because I don't eat at work.

I just eat organic foods and never had any issues.

Maybe he's onto something but I still don't think there's any substitute for live, healthy foods.
I don't see how anyone can eat 3 to 5 meals a day honestly without turning obese..

I tried to do it when I was in my weight lifting phase.... The diet is what killed the weight lifting for me.. I was always feeling full, fat, bloated, and tired...

1 meal a day it is and sometimes I'll skip that meal and eat 1 meal every 2 days... My meal is usually huge though and I eat it before I go to bed.. I ate an entire large pizza tonight, a bowl of frosted mini wheats, and some oreos and milk...

Probably won't eat tomorrow though...
MWB that is a fucking bad idea man, its going to fuck up your metabolism in the long run.
I kind of do the same to. Mostly because I'm poor though. One serving of Kao man kai keeps me energized for 24 hours. Today I got hold of some substitute teaching though so I could have a glorious 7-11 burger.
I get my nourishment from the sun.
Hahaha, almost a year ago I was down on Koh Samet drinking shroom drinks for breakfast and decided to that. Stayed in direct sunlight all day first time in many many years I burned myself.
White people! stay the fuck out of the sun, its like bathing for dot Indians, the shit will kill you.
It seemed like the perfect food for bland autistic people, but it's making them sick. Duh. For one thing it contains soy lecithin which is estrogenic. Soylent also lacks most of the 90 essential minerals & nutrients needed for a properly functioning body.

Soylent offers vomiting customers refunds on nutrient bar
Quote:On Wednesday, the Soylent published a blog post offering refunds to customers who’ve bought their new “Soylent Bar.”

“It has recently come to our attention that a small number of our customers have experienced gastrointestinal issues after consuming Soylent Bars,” the company said. “As a precautionary measure, we are halting all Soylent Bar purchases and shipments and are advising our customers to discard any remaining bars in their possession.”

The Soylent Bar, which was released a month ago and is listed as “currently unavailable” on the Soylent website, is sort of like a Clif bar on steroids. It contains “12.5% of your daily nutritional requirements” and costs $22.80 a month for 12 bars.

But something in the Soylent Bar’s composition of soy protein, algal flour, and other plant-based ingredients is making people vomit. A lot.

From a Reddit thread, first reported on by Gizmodo: “Early in September, I experienced intense vomiting about 3-4 hours after eating a Food Bar. The vomiting lasted several hours. I think it was probably the worst vomiting episode I ever experienced. I did not experience diarrhea.”

After reports of the vomiting first surfaced, Soylent told Gizmodo that people at the company “have personally consumed many of the remaining bars without adverse effects.”

VICE News has sent an email asking if people at Soylent started throwing up in the time since then. We’ll let you know if we hear back.

Soylent Review: Why It Can’t Replace Regular Food And What To Do Instead
Quote:While I think that the future is on its way, it is still yet to arrive in our homes and shakers! Being a nutrition enthusiast, I was very eager to check out the ingredients of Soylent, and I was in for a huge disappointment. Soylent ingredients not only aren’t “perfect” as they are advertised, but they are flat out bad for you. You could as well eat at McDonalds. While in fact I could safely assume that you could go on eating Soylent for a while, and actually replacing the meals, long term, it’s effects would equal to the poor vegetarian diet, it would lack building nutrients for your organism, and despite the fact that they claim you would intake recommended daily averages for the most vitamins and minerals, that is simply never going to be the case. Long term you would start developing nutrient deficiencies that would lead to severe malfunction of your body, as well as development of hormonal imbalances.
lots of micronutrients, and synergistic mechanisms science has no idea about

also what they say is in the food is not the only stuff tons of properties yet to be discovered
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