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Evander Holyfield Just Shared a Glimpse of His Intense Comeback Training on Instagram
The 57-year-old boxer is pulling out all the stops ahead of his much-anticipated return to the ring.

For his own part, Holyfield has since said that he is "glad" the infamous Bite Fight happened, telling The Times that one of the reasons behind his comeback is that he wants to teach up-and-coming young athletes the importance of forgiveness.-----


see article for INSPIRATION and videos!

he's in great shape

he should fight Tyson
these two Champions were so Exciting in their Expression of Pugilism it was near impossible to pick a favorite!

somewhere in my collection of dust-collectors I have this collectible piece of memorabilia:

[Image: 300px-Ring.specialvI.2.JPG]
the one I have is not like a full magazine.....how to describe......well, it's like a fold-out map format.......I think a poster on one side but pics and data on the other.....I need to look for it......

anyone know about this, is it valuable? It was the fight which was supposed to happen but did not due to the unfortunate events which transpired
There's now whispers of other old boxers coming out of retirement to milk a few more dollars from the fans.

Shannon Briggs has already thrown his hat in the ring. What are Michael Spinks and Larry Holmes doing these days? How about Frank Bruno or Buster Douglas or Razor Ruddock or Mitch Green?

Maybe this could turn into some kind of veterans boxing exhibition tour.
[Image: _112324241_9987c904-c1ee-46f3-8594-2a8a6a13f893.jpg]
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