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Full Version: Why I Hate East Asians.... Passive Aggressiveness
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So I'm smoking outside the LCBO about to grab some wine for the night with mi lady.

This Asian driver struggles to park her jeep INTO my parking spot. I mean can not even open the door. I am not exaggerating. She was fully going to open up her door and crank my car. I know the type of idiot she is. as soon as her door peaks open I walk up to her and say

"Are you sure you can get out? Can you repark your car?"

She smiles at me not making eye contact and squeezes her 85 lb frame out of the crack of her door, of course she makes contact with my car.

I go,

"Why don't you just repark your car?"

she smiles at me and nods.

"No it's okay. Sorry." smiles and walks off.

I was baffled. It's this passive aggressive nature that I can not deal with. She just didn't want to be reasonable, so in saying sorry as if it's OK without realizing I can't squeeze into my car the same way she just squeezed out. She basically left me stuck and having to bump her car. That idiot.

North Americans would absolutely repark their cars in this scenerio. They are more direct in interaction.

So of course I keyed her car across and opened my car to hit hers then drove off.

btw this isn't the only time it's happenened.

I signal and i'm waiting for a car to pull out of a busy parking lot. I the guy comes out in my direction and before I can go in this Asian dude pulls into the parking spot. Now this was a dude so i become more confrontational. I pull my car in front of the car and I tell him to pull out because I was here first.

He was like, "Sorry. didn't see ya. and kept walking with his girl." I ran in front of him and didn't let him walk forward and said, "alright we can wait here or you pull out your car?"
This persisted for like 10 minutes before he went back to the car and pulled out.

I'm shaking my head thinking to myself this has NEVER happened with another race.
By east Asian, do you mean Chinese?

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This would not happen in Asia.

In China they are even more direct than Americans.

far too direct.. even americans can't handle it.

Koreans are sort of passive aggressive I find. so are Japanese.
i actually believe you.

it's the castration of the asians in the west that made everyone psychologically broken.
Yeah.. asians are psychologically attacked daily in the west.. this is an issue that needs to be resolved.

All these affirmative action programs target asians. that's it.
This is a big issue in America in general.

In japan etc. you would never have to worry about door dings.. in the US.. I try to park my car in a corner spot.

These lard asses just fling their doors open mad quick and leave fat dents on your car.
South Asians are the passive aggressive ones.

Ive never come across a NE Asian that is passive aggressive, generally their english isnt good enough for that.

Ah youre talking about driving? NE Asians have a genetic flaw that doesn’t allow them to do anything remotely logical behind the wheel
EY and HA have surrendered their driver’s licenses in disgust of what they see their AZN bio’s do on the road.
This is what I don't like about tards who generalize Asians.

Not that stereotypes are false, because the vast majority have SOME basis in statistical truth. And of course, it's not that you should never act on stereotypes in any way, which is just as silly as pretending EVERY member of group X matches a stereotype.

No. What I do not like is that that while East Asians are similar on the surface, there are vast differences in temperament between the various East Asian subgroups. Your actual stereotypes may differ, based on which east Asians you interact with on a daily basis.

For example, whenever people say "OMG Asians are so clean and polite!", they're talking about Japanese.

When they say "OMG why do Asians beat their wives so much?", that's Koreans.

Asians are super passionate, drink a lot, and are prone to argumentation? Again, Koreans, and to a lesser extent northern Chinese.

Asians are SUPER SUPER cheap? That's Chinese.

East-Asia is dirty as fuck? Again, mainland Chinese.

Really good at making money, to an obnoxious degree? Mostly southern Chinese.

Two-faced -- polite on the surface, but possibly a hater deep down inside? Always Japanese.

Asians are super LOUD AS FUCK when they travel in groups? Mostly Chinese, and to a lesser extent, Koreans.

Cheating on tests? Koreans and Chinese.

Really into sports, break-dancing, and similar pursuits? Overwhelmingly Koreans.

I could go on and on.


Every time I hear a jjangke say something stupid like "OMG why are Asians so cheap! I am so ashamed of my race!", I have half a mind to shout NO, that's YOUR people, fucker. Koreans will waste money on their friends to a remarkable degree. They are also the most generous when it comes to things like free service and restaurant food.

Not all people within a race a created alike. And I'm not talking about just genetics, but also cultural variation. There is a lot of diversity WITHIN members of a single race.
jjangke, Koreans are generous. I think Koreans especially the women are ghey in that they over act and will pretend to be so fucking excited about seeing you when in reality the cunts hate you. EG my wife's friends, I know deep down they have me being around their 100% Korean circle of friends but will wait on me hand and foot and treat me better than the Korean husbands.

Maybe a Jeolla trait?

Ind-Fijians are the worst people on earth, fucking pick and chose their ethnicity based on current events...

Fiji wins the Hong Kong world sevens? "Fiji POWA fuck yeah"

Talking about cuisine? "South Indian cuisine rocks"

I wish they all die slowly.
I have made my bias against mainland Chinese abundantly clear. Not just here, but also on the OG.

At the same time I have been called the biggest shill for the Chinese government that ever existed. Go figure.

Most people (i.e. leftist idiots) are the opposite. They claim that the evil, vicious Chinese government is oppressing an innocent and pure race of people. Umm, reality check: the Chinese Communist Party is busy trying to domesticate a bunch of filthy savages and bring them out of the dark ages.

I mean what is this shit? making counterfeit eggs? melamine in milk? recycling cooking oil from feces? backing over a girl, on purpose, to flee the scene of a car accident? WHO ELSE DOES THIS CRAP.

They need dictatorial rule, period, before they make the transition to democracy. Just like Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, and elsewhere.
Poison baby powder.

Can anyone get more evil than that?
They are buying up baby powder EVERYWHERE because those cunts cannot manufacture a single item without cutting corners to save 2 cents.

Even stores in the netherlands are going empty. The netherlands, because chinese tourists flock there to buy baby powder to take home in bulk.

Hong Kongers are super-pissed about this, and they have ever right ot be.
Parents who buy baby formula are being limited to two packs by many retailers amid concerns that supplies will run low in the UK due to a rise in “unofficial exports” to China.

Supermarkets including Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Waitrose and Tesco are putting a cap on the amount of powdered baby milk customers can buy. Andrew Opie, the British Retail Consortium’s food director, said the action was being taken at the request of manufacturers, “as a result of some customers buying up products in unusually large quantities”.

It was a precautionary step “to ensure stocks continue to be available to everyone wanting baby


THE nation's biggest selling baby formula, Karicare Aptamil Gold, is being rationed because Chinese customers are buying it in bulk to send back to their home country, where there are fears over the safety of infant products.
Major supermarkets are also reporting a supply shortage of the Bellamy Organic baby formula.

Some frustrated new parents are being forced to visit multiple supermarkets and pharmacies to search fruitlessly for the products and face the prospect of upsetting their baby by changing brands.

Nutricia, the company which supplies the formula, has confirmed there has been a surge in demand, but says there is enough stock in Australia and they can arrange delivery to mothers in need.

New mum Caron Steinhardt, who gives Karicare 1 formula to her 16-week-old daughter Georgie Stavrinos, was left stunned when, about four weeks ago, her local Coles in Leichhardt, NSW, ran out of that brand.

"We asked when it was coming back in and they said `we're having trouble getting a shipment,"' she told News Limited.

"So I went to four chemists and none had it. Then I went to Woolworths and they had two tins left and I bought those. Then I started to stress out because I couldn't get it and what happens if in the middle of the night my baby wakes up and I can't feed her?"

Another mother was told by a manager of a Coles supermarket he had been offered money by a Chinese customer if he let him know when the next stock delivery was due in.

Coles confirmed yesterday a number of its stores in NSW had seen unprecedented demand for Bellamy Organic and Karicare infant formulas "and as a result have temporarily run out of these products".

Woolworths said it was "aware of some supply issues regarding baby formula and we are currently working with the manufacturer to secure appropriate supply".

Box Hill pharmacist Angeline Wong, of Pharmore Pharmacy, said she had put a six-tin limit on formula sales.

"It usually doesn't stay on the shelves very long," Ms Wong said.

She said she had sold 200 tins to one customer last year and was constantly getting requests for orders of 100 or 200 tins of Karicare.

A pharmacist at Chemist Warehouse in Footscray said Karicare sales had doubled at the store from the start of the year to October then dropped dramatically in November as stock because difficult to get.

The largest purchase was 18-20 tins, he said.

The store now has a six-tin limit.

Ben Wilson, the retail manager for YouSave chemist in Sydney's CBD, which is situated next to an international hotel, said that "Chinese visitors buy as many cans as they can fit into their luggage to take back to China".

Read more: http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/parenti...z2WR9ALu1I
(06-17-2013 11:12 AM)Vutulaki Wrote: [ -> ]South Asians are the passive aggressive ones.

Ive never come across a NE Asian that is passive aggressive, generally their english isnt good enough for that.

Ah youre talking about driving? NE Asians have a genetic flaw that doesn’t allow them to do anything remotely logical behind the wheel
EY and HA have surrendered their driver’s licenses in disgust of what they see their AZN bio’s do on the road.

Hahaha, I'd like you to introduce you to some of my Khmer friends when you get here. I think they fit the aggressive aggressive profile better.
worst passive aggressiveness in asia = taiwan
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