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Full Version: Americans have lost key skills over the past 10-20 years
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De-coupling is going ahead in Japan and Taiwan but may not be as easy for the US as it seems. Key skills were lost along with manufacturing jobs, especially in the field of engineering. De-coupling is likely to expose skills shortages, especially in high-tech areas like semiconductors and information technology. David Goldman writes in Asia Times:

"American technological capacity is hollowed out, even in fields at which we believe ourselves to excel, for example, information science. Apple and Google announced this week that a smartphone app would be forthcoming in May that would inform the user whether they had been in contact with a person infected with coronavirus. Alipay and Tencent had such an app available in mid-February; the South Koreans and Israelis had similar apps available in early March...."
He quotes Andrew Michta of the George Marshall Center for European Studies:

“We need a massive reinvestment in STEM curricula in our high schools and in science and engineering programs at our colleges and universities, so as to expand the available labor and management pools for our re-shored companies.” ....but the lead time will be a generation.

Is that what we need? Well, I think we will get PE teacher's posting links to a fitness video while the kids eat chips, watch porn and play video games all day instead.
they don't want to invest in STEM as people who study FACTS and MISSION CRITICAL stuff are less likely to buy into BS.
they want you to study liberal arts where 2 + 2 = 666
^that last math equation part gave me a chuckle, a good sense of humor is a critical component to surviving the nonsense Big Grin
The focus away from STEM will lead to the weakening of the US

USA likes to think of itself as HIGH TECH but most of the HIGH TECH is due to the H1B.. namely Indian and Chinese talent supporting these industries.

this is why I laugh at the anti-immigrant rhetoric. Immigrants is what makes USA strong. LEGAL IMMIGRATION.
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