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Full Version: Trump wants to use the military to force vaccinate mericans
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and what if they so no in droves? Scary times ahead in deed.

I think it would be in the NWO's best interest not to have a vaccine, that way they can rule by fear. But we shall see.
they are betting on Americans wanting to get back to ball games and pubs..

they are waiting for mental exhaustion so people will comply with the vaccine
If they get a vaccine out in under a year, then you know the entire thing is bullshit (as if we already don't know). How can any new disease be researched and cured that fast?
^ very few.
After 16 years they still don't have a SARS 1 vaccine.
I do think SARS COV 2 is a lab released Vaccine when they were working on a Chimeric Version of SARS 1.

the real COVID is SARS.. and I think it exists but in limited quantities throughout Asia mostly.
slimebag dershowitz is now saying people should be strapped down and force vaccinated
(05-19-2020 07:10 AM)pug-thug Wrote: [ -> ]slimebag dershowitz is now saying people should be strapped down and force vaccinated

He says you have no Constitutional rights.

Some of us are going to test those rights...so we'll find out.

How is this guy not in jail anyway?
Alan Dershowitz is a very very scummy guy

how did this CT guy get to interview Dershowitz?

does this mean that Flu Vaccines will become mandatory? I have been avoiding them.......
Nancy Pelosi calls Trump 'morbidly obese' and says it's not a good idea for him to take hydroxychloroquine----

[Image: maga-maga-maga.jpg]
I am seeing a lot of people turn on Trump, but there is simply no alternative.

If you go against Trump AND the leftists, who exactly is on your side, at that point?
i honestly think that without Trump, this lockdown would not have been possible.
if Obama or HRC were in office the red states would have revolted against the lockdown

you know that is true

Trump was put in to polarize the country and to appease the right wingers
^a very keen observation pug!
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