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Full Version: Mike Tyson shows off speed in training video ahead of comeback fight
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The former champion said he wants to fight again to “make some money to help some homeless and drug-affected motherf****** like me”.

As preparations for his comeback step up Tyson posted a video of his latest sparring session on Instagram with his trademark speed still more than evident.

he is still fast as fuck wow
guy wearing the mitts is chute boxe striking coach Rafael Cordeiro.
It's even better at 1/4 speed.

Cordeiro seems to feel the last punch to his right mitt.
looks like he sorta tapped out after that final punch to his mitt.
Tyson said he is considering fighting three or four round exhibition bouts, and Cordeiro told ESPN a comeback is not out of the question.

"It's not a joke," he said.

Regardless, renowned boxing promoter Oscar de la Hoya, founder of Golden Boy Promotions, said Tyson could do damage should he return.

"I'm sure if he trains for 12 rounds, right now he'll knock out any heavyweight," de la Hoya said, according to The Sun.

On Wilder and the undefeated heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, Fenech said Tyson would "kill these guys."-----

of course one has to wonder if Tyson has been training MMA as well and how is is MMA skillset
What would his cardio be like? Start of every round he would surely be like Yoel Romero though. Dangerous AF.
I remember Rafael, he was always yelling instructions to the chute boxe fighters ringside. dude was pretty passionate.
(05-06-2020 03:12 AM)Chaos Reigns Wrote: [ -> ]What would his cardio be like? Start of every round he would surely be like Yoel Romero though. Dangerous AF.

Though he looks very impressive on the mitts, doing that consistently over the course of even 4 rounds at his age is going to be a challenge.
should be possible.. 53 today is not like the 53 of 20 years ago.

he seems to be in good shape.

I think he could do well against some top 20 HWs
HW is a very shallow division as well
Do they test for pot in boxing?

Tyson needs to bring back Kevin Rooney if he really wants to look good in the ring again.

They have patched up their differences, so it's not impossible.
I doubt they will test for a 4 round exhibition match, but if this becomes a full on return to pro boxing he'd have to quit smoking, which could actually be bad for his health. He seems to have found balance in his life smoking weed.
Tyson's original peek-a-boo style would still be very effective if he made it suit his current age and physical capabilities.

Foreman did that by adapting the cross guard in his comeback, an ugly style but it worked very well for him. Archie Moore was his coach, and that guy also fought quite successfully until he was almost 60.

If 53 year old Tyson tries to fight like 25 year old Tyson then it won't work out well for him.
good analysis prof
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